Apple Day


USB-C is excellent in my experience but for one minor issue. It doesn’t really have anything holding it in except friction and it’s shape means even that’s not super strong. If we could have USB-C but with like audio jack style clamps we would have a champion standard.

Otherwise this one is just an excellent standard with a propensity to come loose too easily. In my opinion.


I brought that up multiple times on the show and you didn’t care then :wink:

USB-C is a more robust connector. Android consolidated on it a while ago.


I’ve only played with an Apple USB-C cable plugged into a MBP, but it takes some light force to plug and unplug. It can’t just fall out.


Clamps (like the spring-loaded bits in Micro-USB B wear out and cause problems. They also significantly increase the manufacturing cost, and are often of poor quality in cheap cables.

1/8" clamps are only robust because the connector is one big-arse thing.


And therefore we don’t have a champion standard

“And we never will.” - Rym with a lack of vision


I agree USBC is better than lightning. I’m only mad because I’ve already invested in all these lightning cables and things. I guess they are still good for my phone at least.

The main appeal really of the newer iPad pro is that it has a 1TB option. I’ve been trying to use my current iPad to edit photo and video on the go. The CPU is more than adequate, but the storage has been the major limitation. Bring a 4K video from the camera onto the 128GB iPad and it’s suddenly full. My SD cards in my camera are 128GB.

The prospect of the real Photoshop on there, plus the new Adobe Rush, also means I’ll be able to do this more often and for real.

It’s also really nice that the pencil is vastly improved and that I get the same screen size with a device that is 25% smaller.


If Apple only ported Xcode to the iPad, I’d seriously consider upgrading my Air 3.


I don’t get why you’d want an iPad Pro over any of the Macbooks, but I guess I’m just an old man like that.


Because OSX sucks and iOS doesn’t.


They both suck in terms of running games. :wink:


I probably play more games on iOS than any other platform. It has the same Civ VI and the same Hearthstone that Windows has. It will have Slay the Spire eventually.


It doesn’t have Civ V with GMR. And it doesn’t currently have Slay the Spire. It definitely doesn’t have Overwatch, which is the primary game I will care about for the foreseeable future.


It’s got that there Fortnite that all the punk kids are into these days.


If I had infinite money, I’d of course want both. However, as I’m a cheap bastard, if I can get only one, I’d get the iPad if all I’d use the Macbook for was writing iOS apps. Keep in mind that I currently have a $160 refurbished Windows laptop that pretty much does everything I need from a laptop with acceptable performance, hence why I’m hesitant to spend the cash for Macbook just for iOS development.


I’m still in the camp of buying a Microsoft laptop/tablet whenever my current Lenovo x230 dies or is incapable of a task.


I have a Surface 4 and it’s pretty amazing. I even run factorio on it at a pretty good clip!


Yes! I was planning on getting a new iPad too! So glad I held off a few weeks ago! Time to research which one I want.

Edit: it needs to be Nov. 7th.


Pencil 1 won’t work with the new iPads, and Pencil 2 won’t work with the old iPads. Ka-Ching!


If you like the new iPad and haven’t yet embraced a wireless lifestyle…