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September 12th 2017 is Apple day. 1PM New York time.

Time for the iPhone 8/X. I have the iPhone upgrade program now, so I can get it.

They’re starting off bragging about their HQ and their theatre and helping hurricane victims.

Still no mention that Steve Jobs, who they named the theater after, is only dead because he opted for fake medicine instead of real medicine until it was too late.

New Apple Watch is appearing. If it has LTE, and the price isn’t insane, I might get it. The Pebble is slowly dying. It would be great to be able to leave the house with just the watch and not have to bring my phone because the watch itself is connected.

OMG it can play music with wireless headphones without your phone being anywhere nearby.

I’ve worn my Apple Watch every day for the last two years. I’m upgrading this year for sure.

Here’s what I wrote two years ago:

I think I’ve learned good lessons from my first ever try at being an early adopter.

I bought an iPod Nano, years after the first iPod came out, and after years of using non-Apple mp3 players. It was magic! I thought “I wish I’d bought this three years ago!”

I bought a MacBook to use as a travel computer.I never touched my home PC again, and the MacBook became my only computer. It was just better in every way than any other laptop or PC I’d owned before. I thought “I wish I’d bought this three years ago!”

I bought an iPhone 3GS. It was my first smart phone, though I’d owned an iPod Touch for a while. It was amazing! GPS, maps, a decent camera, apps! I thought “I wish I’d bought an iPhone when they first came out!”

I bought an iPad Mini Retina when they first came out. It changed my life in terms of reading and video watching. It’s like the perfect device for media consumption. I thought “I wish I’d bought this years ago!”

This year, when the Apple Watch came out, I waited a few months, then bought one. My plan was to avoid the “I wish I’d bought this three years ago” moment, and the regret that my life could have been slightly better for those three years if only I’d bought the first version.

The Apple Watch is really cool, and I enjoy wearing it, and a lot of the features are both a lot of fun and really useful.

But I’m missing the “Wow! Magical! Life changing!” moment I had when I started using the iPod, MacBook, iPhone and iPad Mini. And the reason is simple: I skipped the first versions of all those things.

When I thought “I wish I’d bought this three years ago”, the “this” I had just bought didn’t exist three years previously. The iPod Nano was amazing because it was so small and sleek. Three years previously iPods had spinning hard drives and were six times the size.

Three years before my MacBook was released, the Apple laptops were called iBooks, only ran OSX Tiger, and OS updates cost $129 each.

I loved my iPhone 3GS, in part, because of the 3G and the S… S standing for speed. You know, the 3G and the speed that the original iPhone didn’t have. And it didn’t have GPS or a camera, no apps, or even cut and paste. So it would have been impossible to have the 3GS years previously, as it simply didn’t exist.

Same with the iPad Mini Retina. In this case, I specifically waited until the Mini had a Retina screen, as I knew that would be my perfect size and resolution. And it was. What has remained my favourite device just wasn’t available before I bought it.

It’s not just Apple devices either. My Canon 60D is the best camera for my use cases ever. All the features I love simply didn’t exist together in a single camera before it was released. I got a GoPro Hero 3. Amazing little camera! I wished I could have bought it years before. But it didn’t exist years before.

Which brings me back to the Apple Watch again. I don’t regret buying it at all, but I do regret not having the immediate magical introduction. It’s merely a good gadget.

In two or three years time the new version will have better apps, more speed, better connectivity, native GPS, more sensors, custom watch faces, custom complications, better uses for the buttons, different navigation, etc. In two or three years, someone will buy the watch for the first time and have the magical introduction, and it will immediately impact their life. But not me. I’ll get some of the improvements along the way.

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Apple TV looks like the same old garbage, but 4K.

A real computer connected to a TV can not be beaten.

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No new TV remote :frowning:

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Even if you don’t subscribe to the school of “HTPC is king”, the Apple TV is more expensive and worse than all the other competition like Amazon stick, Chromecast, Roku, etc. etc. Game consoles are more expensive, but they do more. It’s literally worst in class, and adding 4K/HDR doesn’t change that.

We mostly got it for YouTube and Netflix and streaming stuff from iphones and ipads. It’s fine. The cost factored zero in our buying decision.

Other devices do all those things, better, for less. And you don’t have to complain about their remote controls either!

Look, it’s fine. I’m very happy with it. I’m actually used to the remote control now, but it took a few months. I’d buy another Apple TV before ever even thinking about having a PC back in my life.

At least buy an actual Mac to connect to the TV. It won’t do as much as the PC, but it will do way way more than the Apple TV. It can even be an older generation macbook that is in good condition. Will still blow the Apple TV out of the water. And the bluetooth remote will work!

I use the Apple TV as an extra screen for my MacBook on a daily basis for watching videos, streaming stuff that isn’t on the Apple TV (dodgy russian streams of tennis and F1 and stuff).

Not too bad. I thought it would only let you stream over stuff like from iTunes and such. Will it let you send over videos playing in VLC?

iPhone X - I’m into this. I would get it. But it only comes in one size. That size is bigger than the iPhone 7 Plus. Looks like I’m staying with iPhone 7, as has been my way. Every iPhone I’ve had has gone for two years.

I will seriously consider that iWatch once I see what Verizon will charge me for it.

Yeah, anything on my MacBook Pro shows up on my TV. It also has built in support for Final Cut Pro X to use it as a dedicated monitor.

Just so you know the SCREEN is bigger than the Plus sized phone, but the phone itself is the same size as the normal phone.

Is that true? I’ll have to check the dimensions. Oh no. My moneys.

Fuck, I had zero interest in a new iPhone, but that X.

That siren song…

Any indication on when iOS 11 is being released?