Apple Day


They still sell iPhone 7 and 8. Cheap! Still good.


That’s what I may end up doing.


I’m still on the 7 (plus) and was planning on keeping it if they didn’t release the X “plus”. Still good.


You can compare the sizes of the phones and such here:

The XR does give you a LOT more screen for only a little more phone. Still, the iPhone 7/8 is as big as I’m willing to go.

The difference in specs between the 7 and 8 is very very tiny.


My mom might be due for a new phone, and the XR might be what she goes for as she would rather have one big phone than a small phone and an iPad at this point.


Sooooo all the iPhones are getting bigger then?


So iPhone 7, stick with it? I haven’t done any research, but wanted to get your y/n answer because that’s all I need.


I’m sticking with my iPhone 7. Still works. Saves money. The XS and XS Max are still $1000+. The XR is bigger, and doesn’t have any compelling features that make me want to switch to it.


Don’t you have the Apple trade thing?


In 2016 I bought the iPhone 7 with the Apple upgrade plan. Here is how it works.

It’s actually a loan you pay off monthly. It takes two years to pay off. Zero interest. Same price as buying the phone flat out. You also get free apple care.

After a year you can trade the phone in. If your phone isn’t in great condition, well you have free apple care, so it can be repaired to great condition. Then you trade it in to pay off the remaining balance on the loan. Sort of like giving your house to the bank and moving out rather than paying off your mortgage.

Then you get a new phone and a new loan and start again.

Last year when iPhone 8 and X came out I saw no reason to upgrade to 8 because it was more expensive, but not significantly better than 7. X was ridiculously expensive. If I traded in and upgraded, I would just be increasing my monthly payment.

Just last month, the loan finished paying off. Two years from buying the phone, right on schedule. Now it’s my phone. Pretty sure my Apple care is over, though.

I could still trade in my iPhone 7 to get its value towards the purchase of a new iPhone. But the new phones are too expensive and too big. My iPhone is worth $280 if it was in incredible condition. Realistically they’ll probably give me under $200 for it.

With no compelling reason to upgrade, why should i? I upgraded my iPhone all the previous times from 3G to 4, 5, 6, and 7 because each one had something that was significantly better than the previous one. iPhone 4 added the retina display. iPhone5 added LTE, iPhone 6 added Apple pay, the iPhone 7 added the non-physical home button and water resistance.

The XS offers the OLED screen I want, but is too expensive. The XR is smaller, but still too big, and still has an LCD screen. It’s probably a better LCD screen, but is it worth all that money? I don’t or want need any face-unlocking biz.

It took 10 years, but if they want to sell me a new phone now, it needs to be a huge improvement, like they used to be. Or my current phone just has to die, which I will prevent as much as possible.


Ah so it’s basically the same as all the provider plans sans the provider and phone plan contract.


The XR is bigger than the XS.

My family has 6s’s, and it’s hard to see them upgrading to these gigantic phones.


My mom is contemplating on getting one of these big phones at some point, but she’s in no rush. She basically wants a single device that does the work of a phone and iPad.


Once I got my iPhone X I found I didn’t use my iPad mini anymore. The phone was big enough for reading ebooks and non-squinted viewings of videos. I’m sure the bigger iPhone XR screen is even better.

I gave my iPad mini to my girlfriend who has an iPad Pro, but that is too big to comfortably read with, but the perfect size for her work. So now she has an iPhone 7, an iPad Mini, an iPad Pro and also an old MacBook if she needs to open files that don’t work on her iPad.


That new iPad Pro is actually a significant upgrade on the first gen one that I have.


And way cheaper than I expected!


It’s not going to be cheap if I get the 13" 1TB model.

Anyone want to buy my old one? It’s perfectly good.


I would, but I don’t have any real use case for an iPad pro. My laptop + my shitto Kindle Fire do everything I need. Sure, they both have bad screens, but they’re good enough.


Hmm. It’s USB-C instead of lightning, so I would need to buy new dongles. Those assholes.


Everything should be USB-C! I’m annoyed my iPhone isn’t!

Thankfully I don’t have anything that requires now Lightning except for my BeatsX headphones. I mostly use the QI charger for my phone. My MacBook Pro is 100% USB-C. Isn’t the Nintendo Switch also USB-C? I might get one next year, and it’ll be cool to only have one kind of charging cable.

But yeah, Apple don’t fuck around with obsoleting peripherals.