Apple Day


I’ve pretty much stopped using my iPad for some reason :thinking:


I’d get an ipad if I could get away without a laptop. In a second. It’s such good hardware!

But I need to run a few pieces of software I can’t run on it… And I can’t (reasonably) justify having an ipad AND a laptop. =(


I have the following computers in my apartment:

iPad Pro
iPhone 7
Apple Watch
Desktop PC
Work laptop
Old Lenovo Thinkpad (still works)
Apple //gs
Mac Plus 1MB
Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii
Bunch of Nintendo handheld consoles from GBC up through 3DS
TI-86 calculator
Bunch of Arduinos and other tiny computers

The iPad definitely gets the most use. It might get more use than all others combined. I’d have to measure.


I use:

  1. HTPC
  2. Desktop Computer
  3. Phone (pooping, twitter on the couch)
  4. Kindle fire (Netflix in the gym downstairs)
  5. Nintendo Switch
  6. Laptop (working on things on the couch)


For me:

MacBook Pro
Apple TV

Going to two portable devices (laptop and phone, no tablet) has been super handy.


My iPad usage is

  • reading a pdf or ebook
  • reading or checking something that’s inconvenient or big enough that I don’t want to do on my phone, e.g.,
    • catching up on twitter
    • referencing a recipe while cooking
  • traveling

If I have to do more than a sentence of typing, it’s laptop time.


Computers at home:

iPad Pro First Gen
Laptop when working from home
Apple TV
PS4 Pro
Nintendo Switch
iPhone XS

Out of all of them the ones I get the most use are the iPhone XS because is the right size of small for me, takes amazing pictures, and its fast as heck. It was the right upgrade for me since I had an iPhone 6S, and I already got used to not using wired headphones because of my Jaybird run that I used mostly for running.

Mind you I use the PS4 Pro as an HTPC the same amount I use it for gaming.