Anime Watchlist


Ew. It’s like they’re actively trying to stop people from watching it.


So I watched the first ep of Food Wars Third Plate…



Finished up watching Made in Abyss. It was quite the emotional gut punch. I hope they make a second season. Might have to just read the manga on this one.


So yeah… don’t watch A Sister’s All You Need, because it’s fucking terrible. I’m not even done with the first ep.


I watched the first ep of The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and then felt compelled to read the entire manga in one sitting.

So… That’s a show.


It’s so fucking good. I’ve been buying the manga every volume.


Recovery of an MMO junkie has been ace thus far. Kino’s journey nailed the first episode and graced the target with the second. Everything else I’m waiting on the jury before touching.


Black Clover burned another episode. Either they’re going to accomplish jack and shit in this series or they assume they’ll get naruto numbers of episodes or something.



15 characters


It wasn’t the best, but goddamn didn’t Princess Principal tick all of my boxes. :ok_hand:


If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, Ouran Host Club is an extremely good anime, and a top-tier dub.


It shares staff members with Utena, so there are a lot of hidden Utena references too!



There’s some other good stuff this season but I just want to say Blood Blockade Battlefront is pretty good. It’s not some amazing story or something, but it does episodic modern fantasy pretty well. Totally a valid RPG setting.


Net-Juu no Susume is holding up to be aots for me. The characters are all great and actually show a deeper level of thought that’s sorely missing from anime, especially romance and comedy.


The main thing I find interesting is that despite being an MMO anime it spends almost no time on game mechanics and instead uses it solely as a backdrop for social interactions. TBH I find it kinda boring but I’ll probably finish it.



Nuri recently had a desire to watch a show with great music, and realizing she’d never finished .hack//SIGN, picked that.

Ye gods I forgot how much fucking bullshit that show was.

JoJo has been an amazing palate cleanser. I don’t think I ever watched the original OAV (if I did I don’t remember it), so watching this insanity for the first time is brilliant. We’re in the middle of Stardust Crusaders, and I think this might be the first show I’ve enjoyed top to bottom in a long time.


Just watched Madoka again. All the great music of Noir/Hack but with an actually good show.


Yeah, we did that like 2 or 3 weeks ago, when Nuri’s mom was up.

SIGN was a big step back.

Thankfully, JoJo has kicked things into overdrive.