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Josh Bytes - April 23, 2007 - First Post

Gainax has a new mecha series out called Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. It’s a very cartoony and over the top type of mecha show. Quite the opposite of Raxepheon, Eva or Gundam series. But fun to watch just the same. The core cast features Simon, Kamina and Yoko. Simon is your typical boy with a destiny and must find his way. Kamina is the guy with a burning passion for adventure. Yoko is pretty much eye candy with a big fucking gun. She still rocks though. The mecha is pretty weird. Not your typical slick giant robots that have the power of gods type stuff. So the mecha may turn off gundam type fans. In any case this series will do nicely in covering for my mecha fix.

In the shojo department. I came across a series called Lovely Complex. The premise is very gimmicky. Short boy and tall girl. Will the two ever find love? Yeah I know it sounds bad. It isn’t at all though. First episode had me instantly hooked. The show is done from the perspective of the tall girl (Sorry I bad with remembering Japanese names.) and she is hilarious as hell. The short guy is also interesting. He is not aloof, mopey or some kind of annoying pervert. He is just a regular guy who has no hang ups with talking to girls. I guess you could say he plays the straight man in this comedy duo. I’m looking forward to more of this one.

Rochelle - December 29, 2016 - Last Post

Shotgunned Yuri On Ice over the last few days.

OMG. The ending credits to episode 10:

I was distracted by Black Mirror, but since it’s since been shotgunned I can resume my regular anime watching ways. But I might actually go back to Netflix and watch a bunch of older stuff. The download feature means I can watch shows while I’m on the treadmill.

Right now the best series I’m watching is March Comes in like a Lion. It’s about a professional teenage shogi player. Rei isn’t doing to hot with his life. He has strained relationship with his adoptive family. Has no social life in school and is in a career slump. The one good thing going for him is he has befriended these sisters who take him in as family and give him a home life the he never really had. Art style has this water color feel about it. Character designs are pleasant with some weirdness on the mouth design. Music opener and closer are pretty good. Not bad so far.

Currently keeping up with All Out. It the the sort of rugby version of Eye Shield 21 but with out as many gimmicks. Still its pretty fun to watch and hey how many rugby shows do you get.

Edit; Also watched Whispers of the Heart last night with a friend. Was pretty good, well paced film. Slightly cliched with the whole ‘lets be together for ever even if we are 15’ but that is a me problem. On a personal note it was nice being able to understand about 40% of what was being spoken. Which is not to bad after only 5 months of serious study.

Just finished Hibike Euphonium, music anime is my weakness.

I’ve been waiting for that one to wrap up then marathon it. I’ve heard some people saying that is holds pretty true to the Light novels so that is something interesting. Does it wrap up or us there a chance for a third season?

I mean, the way the story is structured there’s a lot of room for sequels, But the ending of the second season feels definitive: loose ends tied up, character arcs finished, big emotional climax, etc.

I really really love their attention to detail though, both in animation and orchestration. when a player is doing badly their animation actually shows them playing sloppy, when a player is missing their instrument is actually taken out of the song’s orchestration, and even replaced by others. All of the background characters for all of the band members are consistent and actually show changes (almost like hidden side stories).


While killing time tonight I fired up Crunchyroll to find something new to watch.

First up: Ai-Mai-Mi Surgical Friends. This is some sort of short form anime but I have no idea what it is about. I watched it and afterwards all I could say was, “what did I just see?”

The description says the characters belong to a manga club and have fought alien invaders. Other than one character drawing some manga when it starts… Well… I still have no idea what I watched. This might be something I leave bookmarked and binge later to see if it starts making sense.

Second: Ani Natsu de Matters. The description sounds like a basic high school slice of life show about friends making a film together but… The opening sequence is one big, “wait, what just happened,” type of scene.

The first episode has a few more scenes like that and towards the end you start to wonder if the director is an idiot or thinks we are or… I don’t know what. By the end you know that this is not going to be something as simple as friends making a film. I have high hopes that the cliches I saw in the first episode were put there to fake out the viewer and are not signs of a crappy anime.

There are 12 episodes on CR for this one and I don’t want to know anything until I experience it first hand. If those goes in a Stein’s Gate direction I don’t want to be spoiled.

First episode of Little Witch Academia series is so good. Sucy is kind of mean but still great also.

LoliRock on Netflix. It’s french and in a very anime style, finding itself as a hybrid between Sailor Moon and Jem in terms of concept. I watched the first episode and, while it has it’s funny moments, it’s faaaaaar too cloying on the whole. Watch the first episode and only the first episode.

I just finished rewatching Princess Tutu with my daughter. I forgot how much I liked that show and if not for watching it with her I would have binged it in one sitting.

Just watched the first episode of the new season of Yowapedal. It felt a little bit redundant since the first half of the episode recaps some material from the non-compilation movie. Also, the pacing in this episode was way off. It felt like they are just trying to tie up a bunch of things as quickly as possible so they can get back to racing ASAP.

Waiting for Eccentric Family Season 2 to start.

I just rewatched One Punch Man and saw the OVAs for the first time. I wish I had known about the OVAs before I binged the show, would have been interesting to see everything in chronological order.

What anime is THAT? #20characters

Eccentric Family Season 1, duhhhh

Oh, sure, of course, what WAS I thinking?

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You were thinking, “What anime is THAT?”

Watched the first episode of Maid Dragon. It’s about a dragon looking Smaug that ends up working as a maid with huge boobs for a computer programmer alcoholic woman. Show is a comedy obviously. The humor ranges from odd. Dragon girl serving up her tail as dinner. To pervy office woman strip dragon girl naked. Looks like this going to be a harem comedy also because first episode ends with another dragon girl being introduced.