Anime Watchlist


Kokkoku on amazon prime is… interesting.


I really like the Karakai manga but the anime is way too slow paced. It’s not like there’s a lot going on in the manga but when it only takes ~2 minutes to read a chapter it works a lot better.


Watching Little Witch Academia again!!


If you want more Tatami Galaxy - There is a movie “The Night is Short Walk on Girl” is exact same team (same author’s work, same animation team, music, everything) and works well as a companion piece to it. I managed to watch it at the cinema back in October.


I’m really excited for Violet Evergarden because it looks like it hits all of my buttons. Edwardian European setting, light steampunk, early 20th century militaria, androids as a vehicle for existential pondering.


Pop Team Epic is… Exactly what I expected from a Bkub show.






Black Clover anime is still really really really fucking bad, but between the most recent manga chapter and the most recent episode… this shit was salvageable. This anime does everything to get in its own fucking way. It should be fast paced, light hearted, fun, a little absurd, a lot self-aware. The author I think gets it, the production company wanted to do something else with it though for more money. Getting in your own fucking money-grubbing way.


Just watched the first two episodes of Pop Team Epic. What the fuck did I just watch.

I also started watching 3-Gatsu no Lion, a.k.a. March comes in like a Lion. I’ve heard good things of the manga before and I really liked Honey & Clover. Kind of surprised SHAFT got this series. I really like their style but the series can be hit and miss. So far it is good though.

Also still watching Tiger Mask W on occasion, simply because it is tied to NJPW and some of their wrestlers make occasional cameos. Nothing to write home about but a decent filler for in between.

Also yesterday I made my way to one of the few stores that sells anime on DVD around where I live. The goal was to pick up a box set of Attack No. 1 (or as it was called here, Mila Superstar). It’s intended as a gift for my sister who was a big fan of the series when we were kids. I actually tried to find something related to the series while in japan but the best I could find were some blu rays which were one overpriced and two I was worried about region locking.

At that time I also found out that they are publishing a series I love, Shirobako, here now. Unfortunately the series is again horribly overpriced due to licensing, which sucks. It is being published on DVD at 4 episodes per DVD, and each DVD is 35€, which means 210€ for the whole series eventually :X Also not happy about the cover art for the third DVD which is just senseless fanservice, but it appears that art was also the cover in japan.


Darling in the FranXX is awesome so far, which is good because nothing this season really appealed to me. Citrus and Everdeen seem fine but they’re not my cup of tea. I was hopeful for Beatless, until I realized MAL was only giving it an 8 because it hadn’t aired yet (it instantly tanked to 7).


Kokkoku has been the more interesting one so-far this season to me.


Watched the first episode of Pop Team Epic, Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, and After the Rain.

Pop Team Epic from the mind of a self-published gag manga author. Manzai style comedy. With pop culture references and surreal non-sequiturs. Oh and secret pop-idols. Not all jokes land for me but I appreciate the ones that do.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody, yet another sent to a video game world story. This one has a 29-year-old programmer who after falling asleep in his office after a long work shift. Wakes up in a world that is a merged version of the two MMO video games he has been coding for. He becomes powered level to max stats land sets out to live out his 19-year-old fantasies. The first episode ends with him rescuing a blonde caster cutie. So yeah trash escapist harem anime for trash people.

After the Rain centers around a high schooler who works at a family restaurant. She has a serious crush on the 40-year-old divorced manager. Who looks a lot like Goto from Patlabor. What do you call these relationships? May December relationship? Or just creepy? In any case. The high schooler was on the track team but due to an injury no longer competes. She is soft-spoken, doesn’t talk much and has a very classic Japanese shojo beauty about her with very long black hair and a slender feminine physique. The manager like I said looks like Goto and has this hapless dad air about him. Not sure what else to say about this one. If you can get past the age gap this could have the potential for being a good romantic series. I just don’t know why the author couldn’t have the girl be in college or something then least it wouldn’t be so off.


Yuru camp. It’s another cute girl doing ‘x’ series. This one is about a camping club. The locations are actual campgrounds in Japan. There are some tips for camping and the overall mood is just relaxing. Great show to watch before bed.


That show is my secret shame. I could do without the porny stuff but god damn, I have actually picked up good cooking tips and ideas from it.


I did not expect to like Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, but it is genuinely adorable. Also, cuts to birds a lot so that’s a plus.


At least they let you know what you’re in for with a tentacle scene in the first ep.


Dragon Maid has quite a bit of fanservicey bouncing breasts and stuff but overall is a really silly, sweet and heartfelt slice of life. I really enjoyed it.


Is Overlord any good? I hear great things about it, but I’m pretty sure I dropped it when a character wet herself because she loved the MC so much, so…


Wait what? I imagine you must mean Albedo or Shalteer. Yeah that’s stupid. Very typical japanese fanservice bullshit. I promise, it’s actually one of the least significant parts of the story.