Anime Watchlist


I watched the PV. Gambling high school. Girls looking psychotic and being on the verge of orgasming whilst gambling. Sorry, pass.


Knights & Magic is probably my favorite show this season because I’ll need something not too grimdark to watch in between reading The Unholy Consult, watching Rick & Morty, and watching Game of Thrones. So far it’s fast paced, doesn’t take any real thinking, and hey fun giant robots.


4 more episodes of Little Witch Academia for me to watch. These episodes have me tearing up with so much joy!


Restaurant to Another World is the most boring, basic food anime I’ve ever watched. Excessively wordy in exposition and very one-dimensional characters per episode. We don’t even know anything about the chef who cooks the food. This is the type of show where someone goes “Water with Lemon?! What a cool, refreshing combination!” All the food is very standard Japanese diner food (Omurice, Fried Shrimp, Spaghetti) so it doesn’t even peak curiosity for those who’d want to learn.

Haven’t found anything really good this season, so I’ll just spend it watching My Hero Academia week-to-week and catching Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju.


I got to watch “In this Corner of the World” at Otakon this year.
I loved this film, words fail me to describe the different feelings that I experience while watching it. From the score, to the colors used to define that age in time, from the voice acting, to the character designs, everything was mixed perfectly to depict a type of nostalgic feeling about many would like to forget, but we must not.
The message at the end, was one that inspires hope for a better tomorrow.
I am happy that I got to meet the Masao Maruyama ( Producer), and Hidenori Mtsubara (Character Designer), they gave a Q & A after the movie their thoughts regarding the creative process of making this movie, and their different trials and tribulations during this 6 + year long journey.
I 100 % recommend it.
I would post a trailer but I recommend not to see anything of it, I went to see the movie blind, and the experience was amazing for it.


Princess Principal isn’t a good show, and I can’t really recommend it, but I have to commend them for never second-guessing themselves when it came to making crazy design choices. My favorite example is this tophat/tutu combo spy outfit.


I can appreciate that. I mean, if you’re going to make something like that, then why not just go whole-heartedly into the madness of it all, rather than pretending.


Now streaming on Crunchyroll - Project Blue Earth SOS

This show as a whole isn’t really that great. However, the first episode is absolutely fucking incredible. Just watch that, and only proceed further if you really have nothing else better to do. The later episodes are a better use of your time than listening to GeekNights, but that’s about it.


Lots of folks who enjoy anime sci-fi claim that LotG is one of the best out there. For various reasons I never got around to watching it. The convenience of being able to stream it now. Will at the very least get me to watch the first beginning episodes.


I know exactly which singular reason has kept me from watching it, the length. I have hard enough time finishing up 24 episode shows, 100+ is intimidating just to start.


I started watching new(est) Lupin at the gym. It’s pretty alright. I don’t really dig it as much as pt II but still decent.


The novels are pretty great too and I’m pretty sure you can get though them faster than the series :slight_smile:


Just finished Tatami Galaxy. I’m glad I didn’t watch it during it’s original airing as it would would have destroyed me as a person. Even now it hits close to home, but more because of me seeing my past self and remembering how it felt rather than actually being there.

The animation style was so unique and it easily made the show for me, the characters contorting with their moods made for a super expressive showing. My favorite being the drinking contest scene where the character’s models got progressively sloppier with their inebriation.


Emily and I finished all of Little Witch Academia.

What a delightful show!


Isekai Smartphone started off as trash, almost seemed like a parody in the middle, then went back to full trash ahead. In the middle I thought it was kinda going to lampoon the main character is jesus with a harem thing, then it… didn’t.

Re-Creators second and third to last episodes were good, but the exposition heavy beginning and the wrap up end were very meh.

Fate Apocrapha is fun, simple, could skip it and you’re not missing anything but it’s alright.

Knight’s and Magic didn’t need to be isekai, but actually was pretty good. mecha, monsters, fast paced, just kinda fun. Not a lot of depth.

Dragon Ball Super is hit and miss and dragged out over a hundred episodes like Z.

My Hero Academia is the best shounin thing at the moment.

Watch MHA and/or Fate, maybe binge DBZ when they finish the arc… otherwise pretty meh on this season.


I was surprised that I stayed with Knights&Magic through to the end. The main plot is hastily constructed scaffolding to support rolling out a new robot every week, but since my wheelhouse consists of knights, robots, wizards, and spaceships, I was willing to give them a pass.

However, the surprising part for me was that I had a great deal of fondness for the main character by the end of it. Usually the protagonist of the isekai genre is very self assured of their new powers and status, whereas the main character in this show is just impossibly stoked to be working with giant robots.


Agreed. It’s just fun. I think the main character was a lot better than the terrible blank slates like the guy from Isekai Smartphone. Even if his only motivation was building cooler mechs, it’s just more fun. Plus the cast actually does something in that show and isn’t there just to prop up the main character.

On the note of Isekai that are better than others, Overlord Season 2 with Madhouse get hype.


Unless the MC’s voice actor gets his shit together, Black Clover is unwatchable.


Watching Gamers!, New Game Plus, and my Hero Academia.
“Gamers!” is a high school romantic comedy like no other. The characters are very endearing, but sadly the last episode is very lackluster but at least it explains why DLC exists.
“New Game Plus” is a slice of life show that tries to explain the ups, and downs of making a video games. I recommend it.
“My Hero Academia” is not as cool as “One Punch Man” but it has as much heart as the man that punches once.
Finally freeing my calendar to marathon Gundam “The Origin”


Black Clover’s second episode is just like “fuck it, we’re already going to throw filler at you for a whole episode.”