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We gave a Netflix anime a shot last night - Kuromukuro.

Nope. Booooooooooring. I don’t know how a show can make mechs with swords boring, but this succeeded. Two episodes in and we’re done.


Little Witch Academia is on Netflix watch that instead.


[quote=“thewhaleshark, post:122, topic:90”]
Nope. Booooooooooring. I don’t know how a show can make mechs with swords boring, but this succeeded. Two episodes in and we’re done.
[/quote]I half-watched it while doing work on my other screen, and beyond mechs with swords and some dude being sent from the past I literally cannot tell you a thing about it. It just rolled right off me, as boring shows tend to do when watched like that.


Finished Flying Witch just now, it’s a relaxing mellow show, a really nice treat.


That’s saying something coming from someone who watched GASARAKI with us :wink:


Gasaraki was slow, not boring.


Maybe a little boring in parts.


But that payoff.

That show is 24 episodes of buildup and 2 episodes of MOTHER-FUCKING-WHEAT SUBSIDIES


I searched for Gasaraki images online. All I could find were archer girl and also mechs. Not even one jpg of the actually important stuff like the dude cutting his own eyes!


[quote=“Apreche, post:129, topic:90”]
the dude cutting his own eyes!
[/quote]Spoilers :wink:

But yeah, that moment and the “phone call with the president” live in my mind as some of the greatest moments in all anime. Not top 10, but in the top 100 easily.


I love Gasaraki. I haven’t seen it in probably 10-15 years but I should really watch it again.


[quote=“Rym, post:128, topic:90”]
[/quote]Well I’m sold on that show.


I highly recommend you all first listen to GME Anime Funtime episode on Gasaraki first before you all take the plunge.


I watched My Little Monster and S1 of Tokyo Ghoul. I liked MLM; I didn’t think it was really outstanding but it was pretty good for a high school rom-com.

Tokyo Ghoul was a huge disappointment. Kind of an all-around failure.The protagonist was the standard bland, spineless shonen protag, while no one else gets fleshed out enough for you to care. The show keeps pretending that it’s exploring the issue of whether ghouls have a right to hunt humans to live, but in reality it sidesteps that at every turn by making every ghoul that hunts humans a sadist. No one just hunts quickly and quietly once a month, so the issue never really gets discussed. At best it’s a bait-and-switch, saying up “it’s just to survive” but then showing a bunch of mass-murderers and torturers. And to be clear, it’s not the characters doing this (that could be an interesting commentary) but the show itself.

The other potential issue, whether the investigators are justified in killing ghouls, gets similarly side-stepped by making them also sadistic. So now it’s nearly impossible to think about which side is right because the individual people on each side either are terrible, or are actively defending terrible people.

Rambling about the ending

The ending is the worst part of the whole show. It really wasn’t that violent up to this point, so I don’t know why they suddenly felt the need for like 15 mins of screen time dedicated to serious torture. Maybe that time would have better spent resolving any of the dozen or so plot threads and characters that never went anywhere. When episode 12 ended I was flabbergasted that there wasn’t another.


I like just how deadpan the protag in MLM is, it’s really what kept me watching that show despite lackluster rom-com snafu.


Anyone know where to find Musekinin Galaxy☆Tylor? I don’t see any fansub groups picking it up.


The raw episode just got released today. Gonna be a few days for the sub I’m guessing.


Based on the first episode, Musekinin Galaxy☆Tylor is extemely bad. it’s kinda like someone watched Luluco and said 'I can do that", but didn’t understand anything about short anime. It’s a three minute show that’s just people talking but not making jokes.


Made in Abyss is excellent so far. It’ll probably be my anime of the season.


Everyone should be watching Kakegurui.


As of now I still prefer the source material over the anime, but damn do I love the opening music.

Current making my way through March Comes in Like a Lion, it’s fantastic.