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For what Samurai Jack is, it had a nice finale.


It appears that my girlfriend’s daughter likes anime (well enough to know that she knows MLPFiM isn’t one) as someone who doesn’t normally recommends anime to a 7 year old I told her to watch Princess Tutu and so far she is digging the show, albeit confused since she is trying to fill in the story before it gets revealed.

So I need recommendations for other shows I can show to her BUT it must be dubbed since she “can’t read the text on the screen”. I am all ears.


Sailor Moon dub, the 4Kids version of Card Captor Sakura, most of the Ghibli movies (like I wouldn’t recommend Mononoke Hime its pretty gnarly in parts) Thumbelina: A Magical Story (Its a dubbed movie made of cuts from an early 90’s anime based on Thumbelina.) I don’t remember Squid Girl having anything offensive in it and lots of slapstick goofyness little kids might like. Did Aria: The Animation have a dub? That would be totally okay for kids but its not terribly exciting and has lots of dialog which might be boring for a five year old.


Little Witch Academia the two OAV movies. I think she would enjoy those. They’re both on Netflix last time I checked.


Nelvana dubbed it, not 4Kids.


Man, the latest episode of Little Witch Academia fucked me up, truly elevated the season to a new level.


Has anyone read the Grimgar light novels? After checking out the anime, I’m interested in seeing where it goes but curious if it’s worth reading.


The last episode of Tsuki ga Kirei is going to kill my poor heart, I can feel it from a mile away.


Eccentric Family seasons 1 and 2 are both on C-roll.


Yay! Return of season 1!


We’re rewatching 1 and then just jumping into 2.


Found out my local cinema was taken over by a different company - One good thing to come from it is that this new company does show anime movies on occasion (It was showing “Your Name” back in December) and an exciting one is on the “Coming soon” Schedule.

I have watched it before but I have not seen any of Satoshi Kon’s work on the big screen.


Little Witch Academia TV is such a pleasure to watch. :relaxed:


Season 2 was great! Even better than the first, I’d say.


Both Uchouten Kazoku 2 and LWA 2 had really great endings, now if Tsuki ga Kirei delivers it’ll be a perfect season as far as shows I watched.


Just finished the lastest episode of Yowamushi Peda.
Is more of the same, and I love it.


Tsuki ga Kirei was indeed a wonderful show highly, highly recommended as far as romance goes. A complete breath of fresh air when it comes to romance in anime too.


Knights & Magic seems like it’s an isekai done more in my style (super fast exposition, let’s get to the action cause honestly it doesn’t really matter). Only one episode, so I’ll see if it holds out. Though, I must say, so-far it really didn’t need to be isekai. Too many anime are isekai without having any storytelling reason to be.

New fate. Some of the action was jump cut a little worse than previous fate series, but I’m always down for more magic swords and sorcery stuff.

Dragon Ball Super finally on that tournament arc. That whole previous build up for 14 episodes is not a part I intend to watch again, but looking forward to this.

Everyone complains about berserk’s animation. They’re not wrong, but I dealt with it.

Dan Machi Gaiden was like 70% really dull, but the 30% that was interesting wasn’t too bad. Definitely a series I still feel odd about. When I first heard about it, I assumed it’d be more harem focused quasi slice-of-life trash. It’s not as good as Grimgar was, but it’s not as bad as some others.

The Blame movie was kinda awesome. Tried to read the manga and it’s super difficult for me. That author seems to have awesome premises and ideas but it’s dense to get there.

Re-creators got better. Honestly, less exposition would have been fine. Especially the way the exposition was presented was bad.

Shingeki no Bahamut’s sequel wasn’t as good as the first series but I enjoyed it.

Tiger Mask W: nobody is watching but I enjoyed some episodes here and there.


[quote=“PrinceRobot, post:119, topic:90”]
The Blame movie was kinda awesome. Tried to read the manga and it’s super difficult for me. That author seems to have awesome premises and ideas but it’s dense to get there.
[/quote]Agreed. I read the manga, and it wasn’t too bad for me, but it was certainly very dense. The Anime series cut out a lot of the fat, did some much needed streamlining, and was better for it.


The inexplicable and entertaining anime FLCL is going to have a season 2 and 3!