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I’m with you guys I just don’t get the appeal.


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but might as well repeat it. It has the Lost-syndrome. It keeps raising questions and if it ever even thinks of answering one of them, it surely raises three more on it’s wake. I’ve sometimes seen things and bits about later chapters that I didn’t reach and gone “huh, that makes me curious” and then I’ve realized that curiosity is the only thing it has going for it.


Honestly given the school uniforms I don’t know why I even bothered. It was obviously garbage.


AoT had some good action scenes, and the initial mysteries were explored in a satisfying way. But yeah, it turns into Lost before the halfway point, and has now raised so many questions that there is zero chance of a satisfying ending.


I wonder if it fell to the same fate as Naruto and other shounen action manga where the author had an idea of where they wanted to go with it then it unexpectedly became hugely popular so the publisher offered tons of money to keep stringing it along.


[quote=“Rym, post:85, topic:90, full:true”]
AoT had some good action scenes, and the initial mysteries were explored in a satisfying way. But yeah, it turns into Lost before the halfway point, and has now raised so many questions that there is zero chance of a satisfying ending.
[/quote]One of the biggest problems I have with watching AOT is that I can’t stop giggling when they’re pelvic-thrusting through the sky in their 3d maneuver gear. Then again, as the saying goes in the aviation world, in thrust we trust.



Trigun reminds me of Cowboy Bebop, only funnier. Even Vash + Nicholas Wolfwood are similar in ways to Spike.


For those who reasonably quit this show, here’s the best moment so far.

Still trying to plink through to find anything good. Almost through episode 4.

Also, my search for cute dragons in Kobayashi X-dragon has ended with this.

Leaving the final count of cute dragon sightings at 2.5.


Finally found a show this season that is quite wonderful. Sakura Quest. It’s about an just out of college young woman looking for employment in Tokyo. She is rejected by over 30 companies. With barely enough money to buy food she gets cut a break to work as the tourist mascot for a small rural town. I’m on episode two so far and I’m really enjoying it.


Okay, That was really funny.


Oh man, Sakura Quest. It’s not AWESOME, but it is good and I’m enjoying it thus far.


Sakura Quest is a little less epic and has less fan service than Shirobako. However, it carries a lot of heart. And maybe it is trying to give more exposure to the current situation of many Japanese rural towns.


I’ve started watching Grimgar: Ash& Illusions after seeing some of it’s animation and a description of the show.

The rub is that there are a bunch of young teenagers who wake up with near-total amnesia in a fantasy rpg-ish world and are told that they need to become part of the volunteer soldiers to go and fight goblins. It sounds basic at the outset, but they make a few things abundantly clear from the get-go:

  1. The kids need to become murder-hobos or they’ll have no way to get income, suffering the problems that come with it like abject poverty and starvation.
  2. Being a murder-hobo is no joke because nothing that is alive wants to die, even goblins.
  3. If you die, you die. There’s no coming back from death, except as some horrible undead abomination.

The show is well animated, with particular attention paid to fight scenes in which people who have no idea what they’re doing try to learn how to wield weapons properly. It also has a great deal of watercolor-tones and light colors, which tend to contrast a very sober message. Visually the show has some really beautiful moments. Music seems well-selected too, and while no song has stuck with me as particularly memorable, it’s been appropriate.

There is a constant sense of foreboding, and the show really gets rolling about four episodes in. The focus is heavily on character development and relationships, despite the setting of the show being the tropey RPG “go kill ten rats” fantasy town.

I want to draw a comparison to Madoka, in that it’s turning a well-known genre on it’s ear, but it’s a bit early in the show to say that. Thus far, I want to watch more. The show has a slow-burn and deliberate pacing, with a slice-of-life-as-a-murder-hobo feel. Only it is more realistic (if it can be called that) and deals with some of the gritty issues that get glossed over in a lot of fantasy stories.

A good example in one of the first episodes is when one of the characters hits with his sword for the first time. He stops and has a panicked distressing moment when he realizes he can feel the sword bite into the bone of the goblin. The voice acting is good as well, steadily improving over the four episodes I’ve been watching.

I recommend the show so far, and I’d be interested in what you guys have to say about it.



That’s the video I saw. :slight_smile:


I watched it based on your recommendation, it felt like it ended only at the beginning of the story and it made me a bit sad. Amazing animations through the fight scenes, but some of the less important scenes were animated so poorly that it took me a bit away from what was going on.

All in all this has been my favorite “weebs get stuck in fantasy world” anime yet, so that’s something.


Attack on Titan: Despite what GeekNights have to say, it’s pretty damn intense!

Samurai Jack: Wasn’t expecting the talking penis joke at all. wtf hahaha


Just rewatched all of Eureka Seven again. I know it has its faults but I will always cherish it as one of my favorite anime, both in themes and in its musical and design style.

By having the two characters get together relatively early it gives the series a vehicles to explore relations past their starting point, which is something that most anime lacks, showing that relationships are hard and take a lot of work. Not only that but it does so from multiple points, from a new relationship, to old ones and ones that are broken.

The world is bright and colorful, just filled with a great amount of character, which I can’t get enough of. It takes a Jet Set Radio Vibe and then turns it up to 11. Which is further enhance by the fantastic soundtrack, probably one of the best out of any non-music anime.

I love that a lot of the things that are super central to the endplot are talked about and exposed form the very beginning, even if offhandedly. Too many anime whip out concepts and macguffins completely unannounced which really bothers me. On the flip side there are a lot of connections and stories that are consistently hinted at but never discussed, which adds to the story.

I really can go on, but instead I’m going to post this one song.


What an excellent anime. I re-watched it about a year ago. While it was all as wonderful as I remember I did come away with a criticism my younger self didn’t come across. Basically, I’m gonna say that the entire crew of the Gekko state was… well just really mean to Renton for a while.

Holland had his reasons and everyone else seemed to defer to him but… still. I felt pretty bad for him the second time around.

Also, I really don’t grok how it ended. It was pretty, and I think I got the gist, but that’s about it.