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I know Devilman is the shit. I knew that about old Go Nagai Devilman. I know without anyone even saying anything tat Masaaki Yuasa Devilman is also the shit. That’s obvious. In order to say anything more I would have to actually watch it. I haven’t even read page one of the book club book yet!


Knowing what I know of Devilman, I have to say: Crybaby is likely even more the shit IMO. It takes everything that ruled about the old manga and anime and not only adds that Yuasa visual flair, but also tightens the themes, strengthens the emotional resonance, adds more explicit LGBT inclusion and messages, and makes it even more relevant to our world as it exists in 2018.


Also: more freestyle rap.


I liked it, but I didn’t feel like it should be among the best.


Right? I’m so disappointed. Trigger why?


Nuri and I started watching Food Wars last night.

It might actually be more ridiculous than JoJo.


Holy god damn…


Food Wars is ridiculous in it’s own way, but it’s no Jojo.


All I’m saying is literally nobody can make beef bourguignon in 30 minutes, I don’t care what kind of witchcraft you pull. No Stand can cook that efficiently.


Nobody can make a sushi that strips me naked and makes me cum in front of 50,000 strangers, either, but Food Wars is… Food wars.


You should watch this Korean show known as “Please Take Care of my Refrigerator”. They perform culinary miracles in just 15 minutes on a regular basis.


This line should be in the convince me to watch/read something with only one page. Because apparently I’m gonna watch food wars until I fully grok that statement.


Dunno if it’s in the anime yet. It was in the manga.


Pete if you speak ill of Soma’s fantastical cooking abilities again I WILL defend his honor by challenging you to a shokugeki. Just saying.


Given what I know of both of your cooking from stories, you’re going to have plenty of judge volunteers for that.


Shokugeki is dope because if someone is defeated, they can still comeback and make a super cool re-entrance. Plus all the food talk and culinary practice is super legit.
(Chaliapin Steak Don is super tasty) The Jojo comparison isn’t far off, but it’s great for “Man, I gotta see the new thing they make in this episode!”


At this point, we might as well offer up a taste of Food Wars.


It’s probably too early to tell if it should actually be in that Utena/Madoka/Bebop/Eva tier or not since it’s still so new & shiny, and a lot of people are still processing it. Like I said, IMO it’s very near that tier but held back a bit by some flaws (so we agree on that I think?). But even being close to that calibre of show is still pretty dang impressive I’d say!


Shokugeki is all about pushing them culinary boundaries. Taking it to the limit by adding a big meatball in the dish.

That is mapo tofu by the way. Rejoice, boy.


When I saw this episode I swear I bowed my head and prayed to this dish.

Especially when it became noodles.