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I cannot decide if I like Darling in the Franxx or not. On one hand it gives me serious Eva vibes, on the other hand there is the cockpit design.



I thought FMA Brotherhood was supposed to have a good ending. Instead I got DBZ bullshit. Good show overall though.


I need more Shokugeki no Soma like, right now.

I really didn’t expect the show to progress to something semi-serious, but I appreciated its growth a whole bunch.

Also, I totally stole a couple of cooking techniques from the show. That whole aspic on rice thing? That’s pretty damn good.


Sorry, no more until April


I remember calling that show out as bullshit after episode one. But then I watched episode 2. And 3. And by the end of the first season I’m watching the manga.

I do think some of the manga plot gets nonsensical as fuck, but I still read every issue and watch every episode.


I did very much want to try it.

I have upped my tomato pasta sauce game after watching one of the Aldini’s make that sweet calzone.

It may be trash, but dang it, it’s like a sports anime about a thing I care about.


These days whenever I sell the Food Wars to people, I go “Imagine if Iron Chef was a shonen battle anime.” And then people remember how hype that was and dive in deep.


I’ve been watching lots of anime seeing as I’ve been bedridden with plague. Here’s the rundown:

Castlevania - Some decent voice acting, relatively high animation budget, and pretty violent. Has some problems like falling through floors for a significant part of an episode The final fight scene in episode 4 stood out as interesting and fairly well animated, but I came away feeling it was just sort of okay. It certainly didn’t bore me and I was interested to see where the show was going…but it abruptly ended at 4 episodes, so there’s that. It’s okay. Solid C.

Little Witch Academia - Lots of high praise for this show. Genuine, heartfelt, sweet, well animated, funny, and witches! It’s pretty self consistent with it’s lore and concepts, and it has a significant shift in gears from season 1 to season 2. The side characters are great, ranging from the other girls at the academy like Amanda and her crew, to a stock trading dragon, and a Comic Store Guy. Really a fun show, had me tear up a couple of times. I’m not sure if this show will be legendary, but it’s a solid A from me.

Your Lie In April - I’m still watching this one and it’s decent so far. I suffers a little bit from the “Jesus Christ, just tell them the thing already” thing that a lot of relationship anime do, but it’s reasonable. Teenagers gonna teenage. I haven’t finished it yet, but there’s definitely some “challengers” appearing that will be going after the main protagonist, and I’m curious to see how it pans out. Solid B so far.

Devilman Crybaby - If you enjoyed the original Devilman (I didn’t) then you’ll probably be very interested in this show. I have an aversion to overly violent or very graphic sexual things going on in my anime, and this show has it in buckets. Despite my initial turnoff, I kept watching because stylistically the show was really different both visually and musically from a lot that is out there now. This show maintains a pace that is utterly bananas, speeding through plot points but keeping things coherent for the most part. It has some amazing freestyle rap bits in earlier episodes that should not be missed. I watched this to the bitter end of the 10 episodes, and the show kept surprising me. It kept me in a constant state of “what the fuck is going on, are they going to explain all this?” and they, well, do. Sort of. The ending might prompt some further discussion, so I’ll be interested to see who else watches this one.


I decided to watch some Ranma out of nostalgia. I expected it to be 100% pervy garbage, but there’s actually some decent comedy and quality animation. Still a lot of pervy garbage though.


Started watching “A Place Further than the Universe” (Sora Yorimo Tōi Basho) and that series is a whole lot better than I expected. I started watching it due to a video by Mother’s Basement that explains the details of its opening credits sequence. On its surface yeah, it’s still one of those “cute girls do a thing” kind of shows, but just saying it’s that is a bit of a disservice. There is an actual plot that the show goes toward, the characters are well rounded with proper motivations and flaws they try to overcome, and the animation is superb, particularly the background art is just beautiful. Hell, this show even has a proper ethos it follows with its theme of “Carpe Diem” which only rarely shows can put together, and there is no real unnecessary fanservice with gag boobs or Beach/Onsen type of episodes.

It’s not a “must watch” type of anime, but it is definitely worth watching.


Because I kept seeing this gif of anime girl dancing next to a washing machine, I watched the first episode as well as part of the second episode of Eromanga-Sensei. Couple of you are probably already groaning, but in my defense I am rather out of the loop of the recent seasons. Turns out this is an adaptation of the light novels of the same name by the same author as Ore no Imoto yadayadayada, and this time he is even more explicit about his desire to fuck his sister because the main protagonist is also a light novel author. So yeah, not watching any more of that.


My wife and I watched Konohana-kitan, which is a slice of life show about fox girls running a ryoukan for spirits and gods. It’s gorgeous to look at with lavishly detailed scenery and clothes. It does some shallow but entertaining dips into Japanese mythology and has a lot of very heartfelt moments. It is very much a yuri show, the cast is all women and girls and there is romantic tension between several characters which I felt was treated respectfully. (I looked it up and the author of the original manga is a woman so I’m sure that helped.) There is a bit of fanservicey stuff, like characters relaxing in the onsen, but it wasn’t overly prevalent. Overall, very cute, very heartfelt, fun B+ anime.


I’ve been working my way through the Magus Bride series. It’s gives me the same feels as Xxxholic and Spice and Wolf. I prefer Xxxholic more. I’m at the part where Skull head wizard past has been explained more and I have a theory on what his possible fate may be. The side characters are what makes the series for me. Lots adorable dragons and cute sexy fairies.


If you want a chill 12 episode show to watch, I strongly recommend “Laid Back Camp”.
It has cute music, amazing scenery, endearing characters, and teaches you the A,B,C of solo, and group camping. If this show would have premiered during the summer, I would have prepped myself for some solo camping during the fall.


Yuru Camp is such a delight, we watched it every week as soon as we could. It was cute girls doing cute things slice of life comedy but so low key and easygoing (and educational!) it was really relaxing.


The manga’s more of the same, but scanslations are only halfway through where the anime leaves off.


I am not as hype as Geoff over here about A Place Further Than The Universe, but this is indeed an excellent show that stuck the landing with serious emotional satisfaction in the final episodes. Didn’t have a great laugh as the very last scene of that show either.

I also finally picked up the Little Witch Academia tv series from last year and it is pretty much on par with the OVAs, though I’m only like 6 episodes in so far.

I’ve also been watching Darling in the FranXX which is an interesting take on the “teenagers in robots” subgenre. I am currently two episodes behind but it didn’t take long to understand what this show is setting up, though I guess the respective positions of the pilots in the robots gives that kind of away. Still I am interested to see the “secrets” of the worldbuilding and what made the fucked-up society in that show so fucked up. And though I am not a botanist in any way, I thoroughly dig the botanical terms they are using for the stylistic naming in the show.

And then there is Gamers! which is less about games as one would expect, but instead a genuinely funny little romantic comedy about gamers, though of course with the required love-pentagram, though thankfully not to the extent as say School Rumble. It also manages to shirk away from being stagnant by mixing up things whenever things seem to fall into a rhythm. Still got two episodes left on that so hopefully they manage to finish things off well.