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Well he does give very good hugs.


When it’s not doing fanservice, it’s pretty good. Season 2 is only two episodes in, but it’s got a lot less so far.


I’m already turning around on it.


I also finally got around to watching this series after hearing it is good for a while now. Could not agree more. Too much gag boobs at times, but it is a really funny and an even more so endearing little series.


Amongst other things, DARLING in the FRANXX is some male gazey BS. Don’t watch.


Can anyone recommend some recent action anime that’s Crunchyroll-able and not too stupid/sexist? I usually have a show on while I treadmill, and I do best with fast-paced material. My Hero Academia was perfect for my workouts, but Kino’s Journey, which I love, is not exactly physically motivating.


It’s not exactly action, but Yowapedal? Watch people exercise while exercising?


Watched 3 episodes of “Is it okay to pick up girls in a dungeon” based on one student begging me and a friend saying it was actually pretty good.


It has a tiny shimmer of a good idea somewhere, but it’s buried under an avalanche of boob jokes, low-angle-shots-at-butts, absurd costume design on the women (only), haremy-nonsense, and what I can only describe as “anime bullshit”.

I should have trusted my gut.



Yeah, at best it can only at best aspire dreamily to being as good as the Manga, and the Manga was already bad with an extremely capital B.

Edit - And the skeegy little fuck can’t use a knife for shit. Lord Ganesha is literally the only good thing in the entire mess.


So for some bizzarre reason, despite having the subtitling done in several languages including English, and releasing online in several countries, Netflix is not releasing Violet Evergarden in the US until May/June. Time to rally my crew and take to the high seas I guess. I’m trying to figure out what business motivation is behind this though.


Sadly Darling in the FranXX seems to have gone full orgasm robots.


I’m surprised at the lack of people talking about of Devilman Crybaby that just came out a week or so ago on Netflix. It leans a bit on that early to mid 90s OVA violence and is admittedly fairly racy but I am at the same time fascinated by it. With the exception of Little Witch Academia and maybe the Castlevania series it heads above the other Original Netflix anime stuff that’s out there right now.


So, my favourite Little Witch Academia episodes:

Ep. 8 “Akko’s Adventure in Sucy / Sleeping Sucy”

Akko discovering Sucys’ cherished memories of their friendship.

Ep. 17 “Amanda O’Neill and the Holy Grail”

Amanda being humbled by victory.

Ep. 18 “Stanship Take Off! / The Stanship of the Great Air Battle”

Constanze discovering inspiration from Akko.

There are many good things about these episodes, but those moments were…


Overlord is not good. Any dialogue not wasted on undeservedly pampering the main character is wasted on spouting long chains of proper nouns. Any time dedicated to building a likable cast is wasted, usually by one of the major characters. Any tension that can possibly be built is wasted by the core premise.

Maybe others found something good in it, but I found no fun in there.


Yeah I finished season one and pretty much nothing happens in all 13 episodes.


I’ve watched seasons 1, 2, and 4 of Jojo’s at this point.


Watching new yowapedal and junji ito collection.


I’m slowly watching Devilman Crybaby after it’s great review on Anime News Network. It is good, but yea it definitely feels like an update on the old OVA violence and sexual crazy.


I’m super surprised about the lack of discussion here too. It really feels like Crybaby is near the level of shows like Utena, Madoka, and (not surprisingly) Evangelion in terms of thematic strength and vibrancy of vision, maybe only held back by some pacing lags earlier on and the fact that the hyperviolence and sexual violence will make the show 100% inaccessible to many people who can’t watch that stuff. At the very least it’s on the level of a Tatami Galaxy, possibly even stronger than that show.

Also, regardless of the quality of the show itself, the soundtrack alone is KILLER. [raves to Devilman no Uta]