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Tell me about the “One Piece”.


There’s this treasure…and it’s all in one place. Nobody seems to know or care about it anymore.
Also there’s some kid that is the manga author’s deformation kink.

Finished Kemono Friends ep.5 and something AMAZING happened. The tires on the bus now spin while moving!
The plot is still jouvenile, but I became strangely entranced in the idea of Beaver & Prarie Dog Construction Co.
This one wasn’t as much of a slog to get through. I might actually watch a second episode this week.
The quest to find and extract fun continues…


[quote=“ThatGent, post:62, topic:473”]
This one wasn’t as much of a slog to get through. I might actually watch a second episode this week.
The quest to find and extract fun continues…
[/quote]I’m just waiting to see if episode 9 spins you out as much as it spun me out with a casual revelation.



Discotek is also releasing 2001’s Cyborg 009 SD, and Robot Carnival in HD. I have being waiting for the HD release of this compilation movie for the longest time.
Will definitely be getting this shows, and maybe, just maybe if we are lucky we will be getting Astroboy 2003.


Ikuhara x MAPPA = :heart_eyes:


Robot Carnival was one of the first anime I remember seeing and being aware that it was anime. Would totally get the Blu-ray.


Since I was down with a cold this weekend, I shotgunned the remaining 7 episodes of Kemono Friends. They did it, it was OK. I had fun, there was fun to be had.

So, just to rationalize watching this, here’s a summary for the remaining episodes:

Episode 6: In which Kaban plays Starcraft. That moose is male, that lion is male, that chameleon is going to poke someone’s eye out. Please, someone take those things away from her.

Episode 7: In which Kaban learns the definition of genocide. Kaban learns to cook, and the audience learns that friends lack reading ability and spacial awareness. Violence against Serval still remains funny.

Episode 8: In which Crunchyroll fox is a canon friend. Creepy idol fan realizes dream of becoming idol manager. It is revealed that there were fewer idols in the past, I assume Margay eats the worst memeber.

Episode 9: In which Serval dies. A lot of plot gets revealed here, but what drives me up the wall is how the snow treads work. The tires spin forward to power the treads, but the treads ALSO spin forward! Something something, creation of friends, something something creation of ceruleans, something something, memoires of a dead girl, but those treads, those treads!

Episode 10: In which someone wouldn’t stop playing Mortal Kombat. This episode went into exposition overdrive setting the backdrop for the show. Imagine Jurassic Park but everyone was far too nonchalant during the crisis. Key characters this episode were an owl with a room fetish, a wolf that likes spooky stories, a giraffe that’s very bad at her job, and MK’s fatality stinger.

Episode 11: In which Kaban makes a pancake. Kaban and friends meet Rocket and Groot. Together, they successfully move a couple of small rocks. People who said that the story was hidden in the background didn’t hear them blatantly stating it in the foreground. Sandstar comes from a rock on a mountain that creates animals mimicking human, bad sandstar comes from volcanic ash under that rock that creates objects mimicking animals.

Episode 12: In which the staff is completely tone deaf for setting the mood. A fun climax happens, not a single piece of music fits what’s happening during any of it. Kaban becomes friend to the animals and develops a nasty case of necrosis on her hands. The hook for season 2 is set and all is good.

This show is OK, nothing too special, but it still had fun inside. I would suggest changing the 3 episode test to ‘6 episodes and a severe illness’ to see if one would enjoy it.
Most of the fun from this show can be found outside of its actual medium and it started with one small joy when it was airing. There was another show called Yōjo Senki gaining some spin, this crushed it and left it forgotten in the dust.


So I was looking over anilist trying to find any shows that would get my hyped for next season when I saw this:

At first I thought “cool, a team based battle bots competition show; neat”…Apparently this competition is a thing in real life and this is basically an ad for it. So, less excited for the show(the only thing notable I could find about this show is that the director worked on Servant x Service, a show 100% less about fan service and 100% more bureaucrats than you would expect from that name). So cautiously optimistic about this show; super psyched if someone localizes the actual competition

EDIT(tried to embed the video; apparently it just takes care of that for you)




Yeah man! They’re based on the AD Bovin TrackNGo system, that’s not an animation error, that’s exactly how they work.


That was some serious crazy stuff, the focal point of the episode even.


I’m surprisingly pumped for this show! I’m hoping it gets translated to ENG in some capacity, and I would LOVE of the competitions themselves crossed over to North America somehow.




LOL, it’s judge anime by it’s cover the deep learning paper. Guess you can just turn judge anime by it’s cover into a website that runs this and scrap the whole panel.


Shinichiro Watanabe (of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo fame) is going to direct Blade Runner Blackout 2022, which is set between the original and it’s sequel.


Well this should be very interesting.


With Flying Lotus providing soundtrack, which only makes me more excited.


Shinichiro Watanabe has always had good taste in music.


So, Kadokawa just fired the director for Kemono Friends.
Supposedly, it was the day before his birthday too. People seem to be taking it well.
This also came in conjunction with news that One Punch Man S2 will be done by another studio.

I’m sure there won’t be any excessive backla-