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Makoto Shinkai’s “Your Name” has passed Spirited Away as the highest grossing anime film of all time.

It will be playing in NYC soon enough. We usually see the premiere at the film festival, but it got sold out fast. It will have a wider release later on, though. Rym saw it, somehow with English subtitles, because his flight to PAX South was a Japanese flight.

Still crazy to think that Makoto Shinkai started completely independently. He just made entire animations on his own. Most of the other top anime people got their starts working on the low end of the totem pole on larger productions. Even Miyazaki was doing inbetweens at Toei.


[quote=“Apreche, post:1, topic:473”]
Rym saw it, somehow with English subtitles, because his flight to PAX South was a Japanese flight.
[/quote]It was real good.


I approve of this reveal.






If you like Ye Olde Anime from your parents’ era…

Speed Racer is coming to Blu-Ray, courtesy of FUNimation.

EDIT: Oh, and Big O (since it was recently brought up) will release June 20.


Big O was one of those shows I would see occasionally but never watched from start to finish so it didn’t really make any sense.



To the surprise of absolutely nobody.


Big O was one of the first anime we did a “final thoughts/spoilers” full review of:


Gantz:0, worth/not worth watching?


Haven’t watched the live action film. I’ve only watched part of the anime series. The conceit of the show is cool. Recently dead folks brought back to life to hunt down monsters. Series also has the 80’s anime graphic violence feel about it.


In a vacuum, I’d assume it has the same worth as Gantz itself, which is… strongly negative, so I’m told.

In other news, the Internet seems to be on fire with Kemono Friends stuff, but I’ve found that the animation is so CG that I can’t watch it for more than a minute or two. What’s the deal?


If I had to take a wild guess. Show is about animals in the Zoo who turn into moe girls. So moe fans and furries are the ones boosting the signal on Twitter. My Anime list currently rates the show at a 5 out of 10. Move on and watch Little Witch Academia or Maid Dragon instead.


Apparently something makes KF good by episode three, but the show is abysmal until then. It’s taken me three weeks just to endure up to the 10 minute mark of ep 2. The most fun to be had in the show so far is watching the cg models slide across the set in place of actual animation.

So for now, skip the show and settle for the superior unique interpretations posted on Twitter for your source of fun.


Okay, so I really like this show, so here is the deal with Kemono Friends. But first, They’re not animals that turn into magical girls.

The story is as such: There is a funky, weird volcano thing (which may or may not be just technology) that, every time it erupts its magic pixie dust, new “friends” show up. “Friends” aren’t animals. The show very clearly makes this distinction through the dialogue a few episodes in. Rather, they are animals that have been given human-ish form and the Friends KNOW this. They remember BEING regular animals. They comment how much easier certain things are now that they are Friends.

Japari park is a Safari Park built for humans to be able to learn about and interact with animals in a SAFE way. They make that very clear in the beginning moments when Bag-chan (more on her in a bit) asks Serval-chan if she’s going to eat her and Serval very pointed says “lol, what? Nooooo. No one here is going to eat you. We’re all FRIENDS”.


Something BAD happened in the park and we don’t know what yet. WE can tell that Bag is a human, but she doesn’t know that. She doesn’t know anything about herself; not her name, what kind of animal she is, how she ended up there - nothing. She just wakes up in the Savannah and is a total blank slate personal history wise. But, she’s a human and she has skills that amaze the Friends of the park. She can read, she has human level endurance, and most importantly, she’s a thinker. She comes up with creative solutions for the many obstacles that arise in her and Serval’s journey to the Library, where they can find out what kind of animal she is and where her animal’s territory is (because, remember, this is a safari park so Serval is thinking about it in the terms of a safari park). They are joined by Boss, a little robotic critter that is acting as their tour guide to the library. But he only talks to Bag…

It’s very clearly a show meant to educate kids. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It’s cute, it’s fun, and the bumps before and after commercial breaks are very educational and use real experts from real zoos to talk about the animals. During the show, they make a point of highlighting the unique skills and habits of the animals the friends are based on. Jaguars can swim, Sand cats have protective fur under their paws, Eagle owls can fly silently, etc. And they do it in ways that integrate well into the story.

All the while, they keep up the mystery of Bag-chan and the humans, giving crumbs of details that send Bag and Serval off in new directions in search of the truth. Some Friends know more than others, some share what they know readily, some have a price, and some don’t share at all. Relics of humans litter the park, but all in a deep state of disrepair.

Is the CG bad? It’s definitely not great. They do have some tracking issues when it comes to movement of characters in relation to scenery and but if you can watch RBWY, you can watch this. It’s, so far, proven to be a good show and with self-consistent rules. It’s super cute and the characters are all pretty distinct.

Also, a Penguin idol group sings the opener and does the after-credits bit.

Should you watch it? That really depends on your own personal taste. If you like easy going shows, definitely. If you can’t stand mediocre CGI, then maybe not. But I say you should give it a handful of episodes. The characters will grow on you and so will the world. A solid B+ anime, IMO.



Masaaki Yuasa has finally announced a new project, and it’s a new Devilman. This could be supremely interesting (and likely supremely awesome).

(Although it does have the worst title).


Ok, so This is what all the hubub was about Kemono Friends.


Is it really post-apocalyptic Damekko Doubutsu?