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Oh yeah, Cyberpunk Manga BLAME! recently got a Netflix original movie adaption, made by Polygon Pictures. Just came out the other day.


Was it a cyberpunk, western manga? The movie definitely tried to aim for that.


[quote=“Clinton, post:42, topic:473, full:true”]
Was it a cyberpunk, western manga? The movie definitely tried to aim for that.
[/quote]Western influenced, but not western itself. It was the first series done by the same dude that wrote/drew Knights of Sidonia.


For the new DBZ fans. I know the outro singer.



Pluto anime? Is it real or just rumor?

If real…



Crunchyroll has partnered with Steam, and is now selling a bunch of streaming shows directly through steam.

Along with the launch, they’re doing a 66% off sale, with a whole bunch of shows at about five bucks a season.

It’s Subs only at the moment, so if you prefer dubs you’re a bit out of luck (I can’t watch things with subs while I’m working, so anything I buy is going to go unwatched for a fair fucking while, but I’m gonna buy some stuff regardless) but that’s practically nobody here, so fuckin’ have at it I guess.

Too bad crunchy can’t fix their fucking god-awful manga reader(How hard is chapter-per-page? Fuck’s sake, guys, there’s a reason almost every manga browser extension and many of the popular sites have the option), but at least this is something pretty cool.


Gainax has been sued.







I wonder what impact this will have on the Anime industry.


Hell yeah, they got The Pillows back for the music.


Studio muh fuqn Trigger. I’m getting twitchy.


GKIDS has acquired the rest of the Ghibli catalogue.


Lemme see that Country Road. Gimme day Country Road. To the left. To the left. To the right…