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That graph is delicious.


lol, the “lunch break.”


You can tell a lot of people read the news during it and immediately went to check the stock.


The story gathered so far…
Kadokawa, not expecting anything from KF, gave Tatsuki & Co. a shoestring budget and independant creation rights to the show.
Around March, when said goose starts laying gold, they were looking to get those rights back.
Come the release of episode 12.1, where Studio Yaoyorozu produced and released for free. Kadokawa began stating that Tatsuki wasn’t handling their product properly, so they tried to strong arm him into returning directorial control of the series but Tatsuki refused on account that his team had full creative rights and Tatsuki himself produced all the models and co-wrote most of the script.

Katokawa took umbrage and removed Tatsuki from the production of Season 2. Taking that as being fired completely, he and all of Studio Yaoyorozu left Kadokawa. So now they hold full rights to the show, along with a massive kerosene-laced dumpster fire of a PR nightmare, causing uproar in the entire animation industry and reaching the ears of the president of Katokawa Dwango.

This has been the most interesting dig down a depressing rabbit hole.
Twitter is ablaze with this image and the official one’s threads are being bombarded.

Kinda funny seeing the backlash for killing that goose.


And if they do make a second season now everyone is going to hate regardless of how it goes. Jesus, what a dumb fucking move. My guess is that Tatsuki and co are going to make their own studio, depending on how other companies see this behavior they might not have another choice.




Don’t know what it’s about, but Studio Trigger…


It’s DARLING in the FRANXX It’s a mecha show. The mechs have a cirque du soleil look about them. And I get Kill la Kill vibe from it but with mecha instead of risque powersuits. Also the entire cast seems very preppy.







Never wanted to watch AoT until this moment.


Vinland Saga is getting an anime!


Oh Fuck Yes!!!



Studio Colorido is new to me, considering that they were only founded rather recently. They apparently have already put out a short film in the Noitamina block before with another following later this year. Going to check those out. The two McDonald’s commercials the above video is focused on (1) (2) are also quite good.