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Don’t know, haven’t gone past the third episode.


That is every indication.


Gent… dude, you took away the moment of discovery.

Yeah, so it’s looking like that’s the whole deal behind the lack of humans in the park. There was a pretty big reveal in the last episode regarding Serval that seems to indicate a big reset happened and that might have been it. I think there’s some time travel nonsense going on as well.

See, I say “Watch the weird show about the talking moe animal safari park” and y’all are like “nooooo”. Watch the show.


I don’t think a hits about it being set in some post apocalyptic world can make me watch a show that I dropped half-way into the first episode.


That’s why the image was linked instead of posted. Spoilers shared is blame halved.

It’s also not that we didn’t watch the show, it’s just an incredible slog for many to get through. Episode one is a wall on its own. It’s been more fun to piece together what other people are doing and showing than actually watching it.
Heck, you just explained another funny image.


It’s back.


More Masaaki Yuasa news - Mind game is getting a kickstarter for a Bluray release:


Toei animation has finally caught up with Team Four Star and taken Dragonball Z Abridged off Youtube. Alas! I was always impressed with the voice acting, particularly their Vegeta.


Related to this, are there any other “Abridged” series people think are worth a watch?


There’s always the backup.

Anime in Minutes by Gigguk
Abridge on Titan by Stephan Krosecz
Pokémon 'Bridged by Elite3


In many ways Hellsing Abridged is proto-Archer with Alucard playing the role of a huge terrible person. If nothing else it’s only like 7 or 8 episodes. It’s also TFS if you already enjoy their other work.


It apepars I am slightly late on the news because it was leaked in early march, but now it’s official: Osomatsu-San Season 2 is greenlit.


Team Four Star’s update on the copyright strike:




Cool, I will check that out.




Nozomi Entertainment Plans Revolutionary Girl Utena BD Release for 2017


Inuyashiki anime is coming. Also, there aren’t that many volumes of manga left before the end.


holy shit dawg!