Anime Music Playlist


So cheating on this one…


You want to play like that, eh?


Video 1 and 2 are both blocked by Sony Japan. :unamused:


Ah, sorry! They’re not blocked in Canada, so I couldn’t tell. Here’s a Vimeo link to the original OP:

And a Dailymotion link to the rebroadcast OP (regular link to get around autoplay).


Also sorry for the double post but FUCK IT. IDOLS.

Villains and rivals always have the best songs. :sunglasses:



Eryn could you disable the autoplay on your daily motion link?


Sorry again! Posted that from mobile. Fixed.

EDIT: Also I just realized my last three posts in this thread all have “sorry” in them. I am so Canadian. :V





It’s so lonely at the top… nah just kidding.


I wanted to put up the Japanse MLP opening, but apparently it’s been taken off American Youtube hard. In lieu of that, the best Cardcaptor opening:



Been looking into the past work of Sayo Yamamoto, which brought me to the openings and endings she directed and/or storyboarded. Unsurprisingly, they’re all pretty awesome and stylish. Here are a few she did direction on:

(Let me know if any are blocked in the US!)



This one might be the best dueling song in all of Utena. (Posting music-only links to avoid spoilers from the duels).


I was going to post some Utena dueling songs, but for some reason didn’t get around to it. So good job for doing that for me. Sadly those videos are blocked for me, so I can’t check if you made the best choices, but maybe you are to be trusted.