Anime Music Playlist


Pleasantly surprised to hear this song played on the college radio station this morning. Post your favorite anime tunes in this thread.


Don’t play this game with me. This is only my first form.


I can’t find Peony Pink by Ali Project so this one will have to do. Noir opening by Ali Project.


This is going to be fun.


Are we talking music specifically composed for the anime, or real music appearing in the anime?



Only true contender here.


Maria Holic is a goofy show, directed by Akiyuki Shinbo from SHAFT and based on a manga. In addition to the fun animation I loved the ED for being a cool Yellow Magic Orchestra cover done by some real veteran voice actresses.


You are, of course, correct.

That said, there is much excellent stuff in this genre. Off the top of my head is the first 15 or so seconds of Anpan Man and the first intro to Kill la Kill.

For some stuff people have a chance of not having already heard a million times I submit the wonderful world of Eureka seveN openers and closers.




Stepping into the ring…




How did this thread get this far without this?


You lose. The whole point was to see who could go the longest without invoking the spirit of Super Eurobeat.


You and your silly unstated rules.


Raspberry Heaven, I’m coming back to you.



Its sprawling score is a fucking masterpiece.


First song I’m learning on piano.


Sure, I can give you some anime music recommendations! Just give me, uh–

–a few days on that.


…But seriously, I’ve got way too many favourites from across various eras of anime, so I’ll just post the most recent opening that really caught my attention.