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Agreed, every now and then I just get into a mood where I have to listen to “Mad Machine” (and also “Konya wa Hurricane”) a few times and it’s all Dave Riley’s fault.

You thought I was done, but I’m just getting started.

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[quote=“Apreche, post:39, topic:415”]
K.O. Beast
[/quote]Why does this sound so familiar? This sounds like something I’ve heard a million times, but can’t pin it down.

Someone, and I’m not sure who, went through a lot of effort to take this song off youtube. They, more or less, succeeded. All that I could find of this there were different language fandubs.

This is the 4th E7 opener.

Here’s an opener, that alongside Utena’s Rinbu Revolution and GitS’ Inner Universe, pull on my nostalgia strings hard.

Wasn’t a fan of Gatchaman Crowds but the OST was good. They really wasted the best song on the OST by not using it in full or at a climax:

Classic 90s anime jam.


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Gurren Lagann has an incredible OST. I will leave this particular understated gem here:

I’m just going to leave this here.

Third Brass Impact

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Bringing out the big guns.

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The anime here was not all that great, but I loved the opening theme:

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I am 100% about this.

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Something I’ve not seen done too often is showing anime with a reworked opening theme during a rebroadcast. Apparently the rebroadcast of Tatami Galaxy did just such a thing this year! I really like both the original opening and the remake.

They used a completely different ending theme for the rebroadcast, but it’s not as good as the original ending. Man, I still love to just turn on this song randomly every now and then. I get little chills listening to it.

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