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On that note:





Who’s voice over do you hear: Schwarzwald or Roger Smith?



Double post, but I realized no one had posted anything from GITSAC, so…


An OP I feel is really overlooked is the one for Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror (a.k.a: Samurai Horror Tales). Technically this show has three versions of the opener, but this version is my favourite. Love the mix of traditional Japanese imagery and music with all the psychedelic patterns and hip-hop stylin’.

On a related note: the part of Ayakashi that this OP comes from was the precursor to Mononoke, which also has a great OP in a similar visual style. Not as big a fan of the song, though.


I’m not crying, you’re crying


THIS is the best song from the GitS:SAC OST. Too bad it was blocked on YouTube, had to resort to Daily Motion.

Run Rabbit Junk

Can’t embed because DailyMotion auto-plays.


Is it that time to rewatch SAC!? It feels like that time.


Can’t say that Run Rabbit Junk is my personal favorite song from the series (not even in top 5 for me), but I would agree that it’s probably the best in terms of overall appeal.

I’m am very ready to watch all of GitS:SAC again. It’s been many years now and the wife hasn’t seen any of it.


Lithium Flower is one of my favorite songs from SAC.




Deep cuts. I never watched this anime. But it was played in a lot of ADV’s promo clips back in the VHS days.


I watched about half this series on fansub before ADV picked up the rights to it. Never did go back and finish it.