Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general

I only started parrying and dodging toward the end of the game. Early game, where they teach you parry/dodge, I had so few hearts that it was a bad idea to experiment with learning it on real enemies. End game, when it didn’t matter, it was a way to change up what would have been now-boring combat. Learning when to attempt what with which creature is very trial-and-error.

Only if you want to play Master Mode and/or Trial of the Sword DLC is when that stuff is really beneficial. You can pretty much brute force fights, but getting that Flurry Rush is satisfying.

I wonder if Nintendo will allow this for the Switch like Super Mario Maker and have people create custom shrines. I really also just want to replay the main dungeons again and for the DLC vs. replaying the game all over again.

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So super into Breath of the Wild right now is the DLC worth it?

I would play Shrine Maker all day forever.


If you need MOAR, then yes. If you are satisfied with the amount of stuff in the default game, then no.

DLC is worth it. Champions Ballad is some good shit.

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For that alone, it was worth it.

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And they are making another one! We don’t deserve, but I’ll take it. I hope it has more shark girlfriend, Michael, and studsman Gerudo, Urbosa.


Needs a Rito outfit, so that you can actually fly. Skyward Sword stylee

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