Zelda: BotW and Zelda in general


each of the 4 hero weapons would have it’s base component sitting somewhere in the the village, and ten you could grab the diamond from the zora campaign



I mean, I eventually used what I had and beat the game, so I get it. But I don’t enjoy that mechanic. I don’t enjoy the constant cycle of finding and then losing items. I would like to feel like some of my accomplishments remain.


The point of that mechanic isn’t to make the game challenging. It’s to force you to keep using different weapons. Otherwise you get a situation like in old Zelda games where you just use the best weapon forever and the game gets same-y when you fight every enemy the same way. So while you might be annoyed when your weapon breaks, it’s actually enhancing the fun in ways you don’t notice by mixing things up.


I understand this, I just didn’t enjoy the prospect of losing cool weapons after I earned them. It actually plays in to some very specific aspects of what I find fun about games. Often times, when I play an RPG where your character’s equipment is visible, I want to spend as much of the game wearing matching weapons/armor as possible. So little things like not being able to play the whole game with a consistent aesthetic in my equipment as it breaks did frustrate me.

I’m not saying the entire system is bad, just that having no alternative (besides the Master Sword) to weapon degradation got tiring by the time I was ready to beat the game.


I like the early game feeling of trying to get the right gear to survive and the distinct murderhobo style from doing so.