WTF of Your Day

Surprisingly, this didn’t get carried over.

At 7-11 tonight, a random dude asked me if I knew [friend]. I said I thought I did, so he explained that he’d seen me on Facebook recommended profiles. On the way home I saw a man buttoning up his pants in an ATM booth.

Brighton’s wild, yo.

Anyone: * Uses Metric in public *

It connects us to our ancestors…through cups, through teaspoons and tablespoons I can still cook the recipes of my ancestors

Ok, I haven’t actually watched the news in over a decade. Is this the usual level of insanity?

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I saw the image on twitter, but assumed it was photoshopped. The choice of typeface for “The U.S. Stands Alone” seemed so basic it looked like an amateur text replacement job. Poe’s Law is strong with this one.

For Tucker Carlson and a couple other FOX hosts, yeah. For everyone else, very no.

Also nobody tell these guys that American Customary Units are strictly defined by their metric conversions.

It’s a tabloid in TV form, from content all the way down through visual design and font choices.

I can understand suing them, but isn’t asking for their personal bank info a tad overreaching?

My monitor at work almost caught on fire today. I noticed in one corner a bunch of pixels had gone dead, and I figured it had gotten banged by the cleaning folks or something. So I put in a ticket and kept working. An hour later I noticed the dead pixel patch was very slowly getting bigger, I got a few whiffs of ozone smell and when I touched the bezel in the corner it was hot to the touch. I leaned over to pull the cord out of the monitor and there was tbe distinct smell of singed plastic coming out of the back vent. I IMed IT from my other monitor like Yo dudes this things toast, and when they brought a new monitor they said yeah three others of this model have done it since the power surge last week. WTF.

I feel like that while this would have a net benefit to parents that it will not happen due to general intransigence and the fact that the holiday is directly associated with the specific date due to its origin in the liturgical calendar (even for the non-religious). Also, Trick-or-Trunk style events (parking lot meetups on weekends before Halloween for trick or treating in an designated place and time of convenience ) already exist and alleviate the issue.

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That’s tragic, but all I can think of rihgt now is

“Are you saying I can dodge cumshots?”

“I’m saying when we’re done, you won’t have to.”

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Sounds like something defeated with absurdly minimal effort.

It won’t stop most people who are savvy enough to buy knockoff darts on Amazon from buying the inevitable “DRM spoofer” chip or whatever for $9.99 that will be in the “frequently purchased together” section.

That said, fuck the whole idea.

I actually read this article earlier this week on purpose as research. For reasons.