WTF of Your Day

Surprisingly, this didn’t get carried over.

At 7-11 tonight, a random dude asked me if I knew [friend]. I said I thought I did, so he explained that he’d seen me on Facebook recommended profiles. On the way home I saw a man buttoning up his pants in an ATM booth.

Brighton’s wild, yo.

Anyone: * Uses Metric in public *

It connects us to our ancestors…through cups, through teaspoons and tablespoons I can still cook the recipes of my ancestors

Ok, I haven’t actually watched the news in over a decade. Is this the usual level of insanity?

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I saw the image on twitter, but assumed it was photoshopped. The choice of typeface for “The U.S. Stands Alone” seemed so basic it looked like an amateur text replacement job. Poe’s Law is strong with this one.

For Tucker Carlson and a couple other FOX hosts, yeah. For everyone else, very no.

Also nobody tell these guys that American Customary Units are strictly defined by their metric conversions.

It’s a tabloid in TV form, from content all the way down through visual design and font choices.

I can understand suing them, but isn’t asking for their personal bank info a tad overreaching?