Why Twitter Can't Monetize

I just said out loud “Twitter will stop being a site that still functions online before Myspace” and will be processing that for the remainder of the night.

Yeah, and looking at a few signs(Outage reports, the multiple sites reporting that there’s a number of base-level mission critical systems that have zero engineers employed to maintain them), there’s a non-zero possibility that the statement will switch to present/past tense before you finish processing it in the initial tense.


My whole Twitter feed is everyone mourning Twitter.

It would be a great time for absolutely any other social media platform, to just add a Twitter-like feature.

In the same stupid way every social media platform added TikTok-like short video features.


Kind of a side note, but still - Some folks did some digging, and it turns out that it’s pretty likely that all of Elon’s educational achievements and credentials are entirely made up.


I absolutely believe he has BS in Physics.

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This is possibly a death blow.


What’s stopping Tik-Tok from creating a Twitter clone right now?

Also, I can’t keep up…


Musk has unbanned Trump.

That was kinda expected, given the musk’s fans and politics.

But also feels like a final death blow, now it’s just another nazi echo chamber

If Trump actually uses it. While I no doubt his campaign will want to use it to post like generic stuff, I wonder if the fact that Trump is like Fiscally (And maybe contractually obligated) to use Truth Social, that he might actually stay away, but I assume the siren call will be too great for him


CBS News is Tweeting again.
Well, that didn’t take long.

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Chad is an anti-sex worker piece of shit but this is likely the wrong reason for them to be suspended.

Now unsuspended.

Nope, that didn’t last long.

I think it’s time to take my remaining Twitter account fully private and disable the remaining crossposting.



I have made my Twitter account permanently private (pending eventual deletion).


It seems lying is free speech now.

There are a lot of ads with Musk’s face on it, on Instagram all of a sudden.