Why Twitter Can't Monetize

In the year since then, Twitter’s stock kept dropping and they closed Vine.

Now it looks like Twitter is trying a subscription-based service for the first time.

If anyone wants to import my current Twitter blocklist:

You can also make this a BlockTogether list, and then we can important with one click, and it’d be kept up-to-date with new people you add.


From a single frame, I not only know exactly what you’re trying to say, but heard it in the character’s voice, dismissive tone and all.

I need to spend either more or less time watching this show.

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Here’s the current iteration of my Twitter block list.


Lots of nazis, but also brands, pro-Vics, and conservative politicians.

Did you block all those people manually?

Yes, with the caveat that I scripted some of it based on finding a few central accounts and blocking every account that follows them.

This is a highly curated list.

The ones I manually blocked tend to be prominent conservative media outlets, Q-adjacent conspiracy clusters, and specific sets of harassment brigades (e.g., the pro-Vic set). It’s shockingly easy to find every gomergate-lite shitlord from one central followback account that ties them all together,

OK, I’m sharing my block list on Block Together now.


Edit: Block Together has a garbage UX and I had to re-make the sharing link.


file size too large, wtf.

Yeah. This is why I did end up sharing on Block Together. I was dubious and had to investigate that I was comfortable with how it works before I started using it.

Twitter doesn’t want people to easily share blocklists. You know, to protect the nazis on the platform from “censorship” or whatever.

Block Together will sync a blocklist of up to 125k accounts.

So either subscribe via the link above, or split my manual blocklist into two files and import both of those.

It’s worth it. I blocked a lot of the nexus accounts that drive harassment brigades. You’ll also (if you see ads) see weird ads, since I also blocked most accounts that ever promote tweets. If you look at the replies to, say, a random AOC or Planned Parenthood tweet, you’ll see a LOT of blocked accounts were in the mentions :wink:

Truth! I was barely seeing ads at all till this week, probably from using Rym’s block all advertisers method, and now am getting dozens of the strangest ads, like for weird license mobile games or streaming services I’ve never heard of.

Aaaaand, Block Together seems to be down.

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Worst case scenario will come to pass: harassment doesn’t really stop, but shitheads will continue to spew propaganda unabated.

Now Twitter is fucked.

Twitter is killing off the old version of their site on June 1. If you’ve used a browser extension or overrode your browser’s user-agent string to use the old site, it’ll be worthless soon.

If you haven’t yet, migrate to TweetDeck now.

I never use the official Twitter app or site. Tweetbot/Tweetdeck/Adblock.

Jack Dorsey hasn’t coddled right-wingers sufficiently? I’m shocked.