Why Twitter Can't Monetize


In the year since then, Twitter’s stock kept dropping and they closed Vine.

Now it looks like Twitter is trying a subscription-based service for the first time.


If anyone wants to import my current Twitter blocklist:



You can also make this a BlockTogether list, and then we can important with one click, and it’d be kept up-to-date with new people you add.




From a single frame, I not only know exactly what you’re trying to say, but heard it in the character’s voice, dismissive tone and all.

I need to spend either more or less time watching this show.

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Here’s the current iteration of my Twitter block list.

Lots of nazis, but also brands, pro-Vics, and conservative politicians.


Did you block all those people manually?


Yes, with the caveat that I scripted some of it based on finding a few central accounts and blocking every account that follows them.

This is a highly curated list.

The ones I manually blocked tend to be prominent conservative media outlets, Q-adjacent conspiracy clusters, and specific sets of harassment brigades (e.g., the pro-Vic set). It’s shockingly easy to find every gomergate-lite shitlord from one central followback account that ties them all together,


OK, I’m sharing my block list on Block Together now.


Edit: Block Together has a garbage UX and I had to re-make the sharing link.