Why Twitter Can't Monetize

I don’t always agree with Devin’s projections, but I do think he has good insight from the advertiser/professional influencer side of things on issues like this and appreciated his take.

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Someone actually tries out blue

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It is pretty wild that this isn’t even parody. This isn’t the Daily Show taking something and embellishing the meta of it to make something funny, they are literally just re-enacting what is 100% happening with this company.

Follow up: he got suspended from Twitter due to his coverage of NASA’s rocket launch.

We broke him in a little under three weeks just by making fun of him.

Well. We broke him day one, really, but we got him to realize he couldn’t fuckwit his way out of this in three weeks.


The archival effort is underway. Very good.

In cases like this I feel that organizations such as the library of congress should have some sort of eminent domain-ish power to sieze and archive important data like this if nobody else steps up.


If that were too happen, I wonder what it would mean for international accounts and things like GDPR.

Can the entirety of Twitter be archived?

It won’t be easy to archive all of Twitter. However, it’s definitely possible.

Twitter already has a feature where an individual user can backup their account. I suggest everyone use it. I have a recurring reminder on my calendar to do it every few months.

It’s certainly conceivable that Twitter could spin up a process that would use this same Twitter archive functionality to export each and every Twitter user account, one at a time. It would eventually finish and have a complete archive of all user data, one user per zip file.

Someone who had access to that massive archive could then reconstruct as much or as little of Twitter as they are able to given their computational resources.

I thought LOC was archiving twitter, too?

Things are falling apart fast.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter actually stops working in the next week or two. Seriously stops working.

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It’s funny that Musko could have just been like “yall keep doing your thing” and kept his dingalingin’ out of it for a while, just poking and prodding here and there. But nah, lets speedrun fuckin’ shit up cuz the world is crazy in 2022 anyway.


World cup is this weekend, starting Sunday IIRC, I’m thinking it likely doesn’t make next Sunday. It’s one of the hardest times for twitter even when they were fully staffed, and not run by an incompetent fucksack.

Basically, this shit is what all the “Oh, but look at the rockets he builds!” from normal people(as opposed to Musk Cultists) has been covering for years.


When you fail at even shutting down.

What’s amusing about all this is that at some point in the future we’re probably gonna get articles that paint a story roughly like: “Richest man in the world decides he’s too busy for pop-star girlfriend, gets drunk one night and decides to buy major social media platform on a whim. Realizes later on how stupid that was, but is legally obliged to commit. Ends up completely burning the whole platform to the ground along with all investments, single-handedly bursting the silicon valley bubble and heralding the end of an era.”

It’s gonna make for a good movie. Maybe we can get Mick Gordon to score it.

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Well, that would be poorly researched. His pop-star girlfriend already left him for someone else at that point.

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I mean, sure, that was a while ago now. But there’s still a chain of events going on that all stack on top of eachother. Every little piece factors in.