Which cell phone carrier do you use?

I used to have T-mobile, but I switched a year or so ago to Project Fi, which chooses the better of T-Mobile or Sprint infrastructure for your current location. It’s awesome with the huge caveat that it only works on a small set of (Android) phone models. If you’re on T-Mobile and you already have a Fi-compatible device, your service will just straight-up be better and cheaper by switching to Fi.

It has international data at no extra charge everywhere I’ve traveled with it, and (pro tip) you can get LTE performance in some places that would otherwise default to 3G (most of China) by manually selecting the better cell network in Android settings.

Disclosure: I’m a Google employee, but I work on VR and have nothing to do with Fi.

In Australia I just recently switched to Optus. They had a bargain deal if you brought your own phone; $40 dollars a month with unlimited standard calls, SMS and 15gb of data.


You are 100% correct; Optus is not the best. Telstra is glorious in terms of coverage- though much more expensive. Many of the lesser known SIM providers also use Optus as a host network.
I used Virgin Mobile (optus network) as my main provider since I was about 13, switched to Telstra for a year in my 20’s as they were offering a great deal - but after the 12 months they upped the prices as the contract ended. Couldn’t justify staying at that price while studying full time.

I have Verizon because it works really well in all the places I’ve been in the US and they have never given me a reason to go elsewhere.

My ISP provider also gives me cell phone coverage using the Optus network, would prefer to not be fucked by Telstra.

Only time I used Telstra was when I was in a remote mining town where only Telstra towers existed at the time.

Verizon. I am routinely in areas where it is the only provider with good-to-decent coverage. It is pricey, but it is necessary for me to make full use of my phone.


I’ve had the same Sprint family plan for ages because my parents keep getting roped into upgrade contracts, unfailingly. Meanwhile I’m somehow still running the same Samsung Note 3 I’ve had since its release date. OTL

At least I have unlimited data, so it’s not too awful.

Looks like you’ll be able to get Project Fi on iPhones. If you’re on T-MO, Sprint, or US Cellular it’s probably a pure win.

Have you ever tried redpocket? It’s a prepay but it lets you choose which network (Att/TMo/Vzn) you use, and it’s cheap.

I use Mint. It’s ok, decent data for the price. I used to be on a Tmoble family plan but they disowned me. Now I get a million spam and wrong number calls.

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Fi works on this iPhone, but it’s in beta

Check yours here:

I’ve been with AT&T since it was CelluarOne in my area. I haven’t been motivated enough to leave it yet.

I went Sprint, Verizon, Google (back when you could port a number entirely to Google), Sprint (when that stopped working), and finally T-Mobile.

My international travel makes T-Mo the best deal. It’s also pretty cheap for a shared data plan I’ve never once hit a limit on.

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Google Fi could save me money, but I’m not going to move to it when it’s in beta. If it fully 100% supports my iPhone, then it may be time to bail on Verizon. Until then.

Also, what are the odds it just disappears one day like most Google things eventually do?

I had to port my number OUT of Google after they shut down their phone stuff back in the day.

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Oooh, good call.

I want to go to TMobile but for whatever reason they have no reception at my house, so I’m stuck with Verizon until I move.

I have zero T-Mobile reception in my apartment.

It uses wifi for calls in that case, so it’s fine.

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Hmm… I had forgotten that’s a legit thing now. Might have to look into that when my contract us up in spring.

My Google voice number is still Functional.
Also Red Pocket lets you choose the Verizon Network and iirc you can pay around 30/month for unlimited 5GB throttle.