What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?


There’s a Vine 2?



So I didn’t follow this whole Logan Paul fiasco. Weirdly enough it happened while I was in Japan, but no I am not Logan Paul. I just heard this moron filmed himself with a corpse. After I returned I heard that he also did lots of other stupid shit but didn’t really look it up.

Today someone linked me to h3h3 productions video on the matter. I don’t follow them either because I don’t really like all this internet drama stuff. However out of interest I checked it out. jeez, what the fuck is wrong with this dude Basically he goes around and harasses strangers in public and aggressively pushing his shit merch.


So the same problem with Youtube might be leaking into Twitch. http://www.pcgamer.com/popular-streamer-dr-disrespect-defends-use-of-racially-insensitive-fake-asian-language/

Twitch is supposedly run better, but “chat culture” is pretty damn toxic, annoying, and sinks into so many professional streamers. Trying to find a streamer who doesn’t say “Triggered” or “REEEE” or any other alt-right slang is pretty difficult. There’s no use trusting someone who hides their comedy behind a “character” because a character always, always always represents some personality trait of the person in question.


So this Logan Paul idiot returned after a month away from YouTube, and the very first thing he does is post a video where he uses a taser on a dead rat. That guy is a fucking psychopath.

Also heard about this “Dr. Disrespect” clown, mostly because Jimmy Wong called him out on his anti-asian racism and was predictably targeted by the channer brigade.

Anyway, If you want an inclusive comedic streaming channel, I highly recommend LoadingReadyLive, the streaming channel of the internet comedy troupe LoadingReadyRun. They have different programming depending on the day by various hosts in all sorts of categories. I’m particularly fond of their tabletop gaming streams, their show “Crapshoot” in which they write, film and edit short comedy videos, and their show “Talking Simulator” in which they do in-depth analysis of video games.


YouTube has demonetized logan, at least temporarily, for his rat shenanigans.



Jackass was also awful bullshit prank crap just like Logan Paul. However, Jackass, for the most part, pulled pranks on themselves. The pranksters are also the victims, not the public. The Pauls just victimize other people, and that’s why they are even bigger pieces of shit.

As a person who is well versed in the art of self deprecation, I tend to agree.


FWIW, jackass was better for it. When I was 13 I enjoyed watching the jackass guys pull shopping cards with cars so they went over ramps while man children sat in them. It was fun. I can get the appeal of watching people get hurt for your amusement.

Having it be you that gets hurt rather than the public makes all the difference. The worst I remember of jackass doing to the public was walking around in strange attire and watching people react to the man in the hotdog suit staking down the boardwalk.


I remember one skit that involved a doll strapped into a child’s bike seat, and then crashing the bike. People freaked out thinking a baby just died in front of them. It was one of the funniest pranks but I thought it was waaay over the line, even for Jackass.


In case it wasn’t clear, in no way did I say that Jackass was good. They are poop. Logan Paul is diarrhea.


You might want to look to Impractical Jokers instead of Jackass. The concept is similar, but the Jokers are at least family-friendly, and the focus is primarily on embarrassing each other rather than hurting themselves. Often watching Jackass, I would feel uncomfortable at myself just for watching it. With IJ, you only feel uncomfortable for the guys doing the bits, which is the whole point.


I’m having trouble parsing that… that’s alt-right? Man I can really tell I’m getting old, kids just sound like dipshits to me 90% of their time. Lit fam. I’m so woke.


It’s one of their shibboleths. People who use those words are almost invariably either alt-right or alt-right-adjacent. See also the heavy overlap with proto-MRAs.


Hmmm, I think we’ve got an over expansive definition. Either that or my entire highschool(s) was alt right, alt right adjacent or proto MRA.

I can’t speak to triggered as that seems to have come in vogue after I left highschool but REEE and other mocking, ableist expressions were very common among my peers in high school. Another I remember is dee dee dee. Is that one also still used?

My point is I grew out of it. One of two things is true, I’m alt right/ adjacent etc. Or we need to draw the line somewhere else.

I was in highschool from 2004-2008 so this 100% predates live streaming, and largely predates widespread streaming video (seems youtube was founded in 2005). These were largely the days of downloading things to play with real player.

By the time I arrived at RIT, I’d basically stopped using this language, not because anyone told me to. I just viewed it as juvenile and considered it beneath me.


Weird consequences of the internet. When I was a kid and first got online most of the people I encountered were more educated than me and probably worked in technology or with computers. So I picked up better writing skills and learned words that were not part of my normal education.

Kids today grow up with an internet where everybody is out there… and… well… kids these days! !fistshake


For modern kids, it’s accurate. Everyone who uses “ree” in 2018 is either a piece of shit or will turn out to be a piece of shit eventually.


I really hope you’re wrong.


I never really thought the Reee meme was making fun of any particular group, just that came from an old Pepe meme of him getting blindly furious. Now that its mentioned I can see where it might go from there?

If its taken on new context (like Pepe itself) then whos to say everyone still using it is fully cognizent? I have been out of the loop on that shit for so long I still think Millhouse is not a meme.


Warning sign #1.

Who used that “meme?” Where did the attachment of “Reee” come from? (It came from the word “retarded” and has been a longstanding pejorative. The people using it were using it in that context long before Pepe).

The people who “attached” it to Pepe are the same shitty people who grew up to be straight up nazis. It’s never been used except in this kind of context.

It literally doesn’t matter. The people who display these kinds of shibboleths are the same kinds of people who are prone to MRA/alt-right/fascism/fake news. Being so utterly ignorant of the multiple shitty things such a meme represents means they’re exactly the kind of person who can easily be walked down that path. It’s a big red flag to avoid the person at all cost.


Anyone listen to this show of This American life, it has a couple of interesting stories but the one that applies to this is the story of Laci Green, the Sex advice Youtuber and her experience getting attacked by everyone and eventually dating one of her trolls. (strangely enough) anyhow, I was kinda wondering what happened to her and this was an interesting look into a particular case.