What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?


This Max Landis shit has really got me down. I really liked him and some of the stuff he’s made. I know he’s said some dumb shit in the past but I had just pegged that on him being weird and left it at that, not actual assault and harrassment. :confused:


I blame his dad. I hear John was a real helicopter parent.


Ouch, too soon?


This is just hilarious, for background, JF is a French Canadian race realist with a supposed PhD in neuroscience that has been debating Destiny for a while. In this stream, it’s revealed that JF coerced a 19 year old mentally challenged girl to love with him and have his babies while JF was already married. The court determined she had a mental age of a child and JF was a sexual predator who isolated her from her family. His defense is that “it was love!” Not to mention she’s Hispanic which doesn’t jive with his white ethnostate ideal. It’s just funny how every time a supposed alt right intellectual shows up, they always have such pathetic histories of abuse.


Sweet, an actual dead person! This will get me tons of views!


But he’s super sorry that people feel offended about it! All he wanted to do was raise awareness about suicide! /s

I’ve seen several people say they saw him dropping trou in the middle of Tokyo and laugh about it with his toadies.

I know that children aren’t exactly known for having the best taste, but I’ll never understand what they see in people like him and his brother.


You know how in all those '80s kids/teen movies how the rich shitty bully had 2-3 little lackeys that follow them around laughing at all their jokes? Now they have thousands of them +1’ing their youtube videos.


Sure, I’ve seen it in movies, but I’ve never actually met anyone like that in real life. I guess the stereotypes have to come from somewhere, though.


I saw a few people on Twitter saying “He doesn’t represent the YouTube community”, which makes me wonder about the concept of a community of YouTubers. Is there one? If so, why aren’t cunts like this ostracised way before they do things like joke next to dead bodies? The only other time I even heard of this guy was in another thread where he did a offensive garbage “cover” as I can Ride Your Girlfriend with No Handlebars. I’m not sure a community can exist where such a reprehensible child is allowed to gain enough prominence that people have to say he doesn’t represent them… or if it does exist, why anyone would want to be part of it except the garbage people.


I don’t know if there is a “YouTube” community, but this guy definitely has a community. One day I went downtown and there was a huge line of people wrapped around the block. Mostly kids. I thought they were there to buy sneakers or something. Nope. It was this dude. He had a pop up shop and they wanted to meet him.

How will a generation that grew up on this differ from one that grew up on Mr. Rogers? Granted his fans are more in the teen range. This guy really isn’t that much worse than MTV was in the 90s. Not saying he’s good. Saying how bad MTV was.


FWIW when I watched mtv in the early 2000s I just remember it being a series of music videos, interspersed with commercials. Not so bad.


In what country?

Besides TRL it was as much sex as they could get away with, reality shows like “The Real Life”, and shows like Jackass.


The United States… Connecticut, where I moved when I was 9, pre-early 2000s. I very vaguely remember “The Real Life” but I definitely remember Jackass and Viva La Bam. However, I also remember making out on my highschool sweetie’s floor with music video after music video on MTV on in the background so as to block out the sound.


Are you sure that wasn’t MTV2?


I mean… not 100%. At the time the standard procedure was:
Turn on tv (set channel = MTV)
If music video.showing == true (watch)
else (change to BET)
repeat the above and cycle through, MTV, BET, VH1, MTV2 and then return to MTV






What the actual fuck?! He acts like a child who’s been left unsupervised for the first time.


I can’t make it through that entire video, too painful. I’m going to pretend I still don’t know who he is like I did before this blew up.


Vine 2 Electric Boogaloo