What's with all these awful Youtubers being popular?


Both “triggered” and “REEEEEE” are channer speak, and therefore alt-right adjacent. While “REEEEE” is more of general description of people reacting in a hostile and offended manner (i.e. like a cat hissing), “triggered” is more alt-right as it is used to trivialize and ridicule psychological trauma and anxiety attacks. It goes hand in hand with them describing people as “snowflakes” and their “toughen up” bullshit when they are thoroughly the most easily offended people on the internet.


I thought “reeeeeee” was the noise a child would make in like extreme anger. I’ve not once in my entire life heard it spoken aloud. I always thought it was satire. A bit like using memes to communicate a particular concept that doesn’t come across easily in writing.

Like if I wanted to communicate that something made me red-faced screaming mad, or wanted to satirize that idea, I could say that, or I could use something like “reeeeeeeeeeeee” in bold font or on a meme or something and the idea would be communicated in a way people in a particular community would intuitively understand.

Maybe I’m thinking too much about this.


I can’t understand how you thought this.

That’s been a sick expression of “the way a retard acts” since long before the Internet. It’s awful and deeply hurtful, and its origin is pretty obvious and well known.



control-f and didn’t see any reference to the word retard…


The story of Laci Green is really bizarre and kinda pathetic. Either I think the trolling just naturally wore her down to the a nub or she never really cared about progressive feminism that much. To date a alt-right, anti-feminist troll and not think that’s an issues makes you look really hypocritical. (Seriously, you can take the clip of Chis Ray Gun from NPR alone and assess he’s a massive dipshit) She would even then apologize to Sargon of Akkad, the guy who wanted his audience to tell her to kill herself, over the feminists who originally supported her. And anti-feminist, anti-SJWs don’t stop there they just fucking escalate as so many of them have attached themselves to Richard Spencer debates for Youtube bucks.

People need to learn how to avoid Youtube shit-heads because it’s easier than you’d think for someone to fall down that rabbit hole.


Because that’s the authoritative source on the common colloquial use of a word…

If you seriously believe the origin is anything but what I’ve said, I have serious doubts about you.

The “explanation” that it comes from the sound a frog makes is laughable, since it long-predates Pepe. It’s the exact kind of rationalization that crypto-fascists use to “excuse” their uses of coded words. See also: “cultural marxism” or “neurotic.”


Photos say “Retard” and the text/photos say “autistic” which channers tend to use interchangeably.


I would think you would have the opposite reaction, because then I’d just be bowing down to your argument from authority. I’ve never seen this reference you’re talking about in pre-internet times, and I only started to see it after the pepe meme existed myself. Do you have a reference to that?

Hell I’m not even arguing that your definition doesn’t exist, I’m pretty sure they both co-exist, and my reference to that know your meme page makes it clear there’s still another third reference we were not considering in this thread with the frog thing.


I’m not willing to even argue that point with you. If you actually believe the position you’re taking, I already don’t care to engage.


What position do you think I’m taking?


In my defense, I am not a native english speaker. The only times I have really encountered the expression is when some channer kid was trying to make fun of someone who was reacting in an offended, somewhat indignant manner. I thought it was some sort of onomatopoeia simulating an animal noise, like a cat’s hiss.


Why would you put so much stake over that page instead of what’s being talked about here? We even pointed out that you didn’t look very hard because the images clearly said how it’s used and where the term came from, as a short-hand for ableist insults.

Even if you defend it as teenagers repeating something they don’t know what they mean, they are still repeating a very offensive term that makes you look like a channer or alt-right type. I mean, we’ve had words where we’ve slowly taken time to learn how insulting they can be like retard or faggot. Where is the case of this any different other than the fact the Internet is trying to make it not a big deal?

If Twitch tolerates more people who use insulting language like that for “comedy” and “different opinions” it’ll go down that sewer of toxic Internet culture like so many other things.


Where did I say any of that? I think you guys somehow confused me pointing out the existence of other information and other possible definitions and interpretations as something… else.

This just seems like getting really hung up on semantics, and I’m not robbing any other definitions, simply stating my own personal experience. You can’t rob me of that, and certainly in this day of the internet you’ll see more and more people making memetic interpretations of things differently because they understood it differently.

Honestly this is very unlike people around here normally. I assume I hit some pent up vein of some pre-existing argument I’m not even a part of, like when I was amazed at the population of Indonesia compared to Australia and somehow hit a Churba hot button I didn’t know existed related to immigration between these countries.


I have never read the word “REEE” before, nor ever heard anyone use it. Also I didn’t know “triggered” had any special meaning to any specific group.

Why do any of you ever go to these parts of the internet?

I watched something like three minutes of a Dr. Disrespect video one time, and immediately knew he was probably a racist misogynist. I told YouTube to stop recommending his PUBG videos to me… and that was that. The only times I’ve seen him again is when he made the news by cheating on his wife, and now with this racist shit.

How can I find this so easy and yet other people have trouble avoiding these people and the parts of the internet they populate.


That is a question some of you should ask yourselves.

I purposefully keep aware of what the shitheads are up to, but mostly so I can identify them and use my tiny media presence to head them off. I don’t expect normal people to do that.

The people who repeat the shibboleths of this culture are adjacent to dangerous things, and that makes them likely to be dangerous themselves.


Same. Just like I see no ads. Just like I don’t download shady software. I don’t go to shady awful places on the Internet. You have to put in effort to go there. I really have to question why people are there.

If I see someone at an anime convention trying to claim they aren’t an anime or manga fan, that’s kinda weird. It’s not easy to end up in that kind of place by accident.


I mean, in fairness I’d not seen or heard any of these words since, well highschool, where, like I said, it was ubiquitous. If anything I was surprised to hear that ‘reee’ and ‘triggered’ were twitch chat things. I still think of twitch chat as the twitch chat that I remember from saltybet and from Twitch Plays Pokemon. Where it was largely just a romp of mythologizing random stuff on the stream. No real use of abelist language or pejorative terms. Kinda a shame to hear (but not see) that it’s changed.


Why do you presume that we go to them? They come to us. I watch videos and read articles on the internet. Whenever someone dares to suggest something that might even slightly be at odds with the attitude or perspective of channers, e.g. treat people nicely, or that women might be facing difficulties in male dominated spaces that men are unaware of, some internet shithead is invariable going to post “reeeee” or “look at this triggered [expletive withheld]” in the comments.


I don’t see any of that because I don’t read the comments. You have control over your mouse and your eyeballs. I don’t look at the twitch chat either. That shit is folded away.


To be fair, there probably are a fair number of people, especially younger people without a memory of older internet culture like Rym has, who just think “reeee” is a reference to Pepe, and don’t have any reason to think otherwise. I don’t think the same can be said of “triggered”. But it’s kind of a moot point since emulating the kinds of people who use “reeee” is a bad sign in and of itself.