What movie have you seen recently?


The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 2006

After the first two movies surprised me with how fun and enjoyable they were, and how well they held up after 15 years or so since they came out, Tokyo Drift was a real let-down.

There was nothing to care about, no drama, no rules to the world, no motivations. The first time any story happened beyond “fish out of water learns about life in Tokyo” was over an hour into the movie. And even then the story made no sense.

The main character wasn’t likeable. He didn’t have to work for anything. He was given a car and taught how to drive because… why? No idea. He got into a race at the end because… why? No idea. The Yakuza went along with his plan because… why? No idea. The gang got a car ready for him and helped him with the final race because… why? No idea.

There just wasn’t anything interesting or fun in the movie. Not even the car races and chases held my attention.

This contrasts with the previous movie where the two henchmen had more interesting character arcs than any of the main cast in this one.


The Haunting of Hill House

This was fantastic! Slow burn suspense film that’s light on the jump scares and heavy on the emotions. It’s more about the family coming to terms with each other rather than about a house that’s hungry for souls, or whatever. Similar to how the Babadook is about a mother’s grief than some supernatural horror.

Also, the one episode Two Storms is done using several extended long shots, the first one is about 10 minutes long by my count.(unless they’re stupidly good at hiding their cuts!) I was immensely impressed with this show.


Spiderman is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

I’m unable to come up with even one flaw. One thing to complain about. The pacing, the animation, the characters, the acting, even the plot! It’s just… great.

Go see it. See it in 3D.


I went into the theater expecting a good movie, I was unprepared for how amazing and simply fantastic Spider-Man actually was. I cannot give this movie enough superlatives.

I saw it in 2D, but in a Dolby theater, so my seat was literally vibrating with the sound. I definitely want to see it again, and now I’m tempted to try it in 3D.


There’s a new spiderman movie? Where does it take place in the marvel universe timeline wise?


It’s not an MCU film. It’s an animated feature where a bunch of Spider-people from various universes (Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Spider-Ham, etc.) team up.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


The 3D is deeply immersive and makes it feel even more like a comic book. It was breathtaking.


I’m sold.

Hopefully I’ll be able to swing (see what I did there?!) another viewing this week while it’s still playing in 3D in an IMAX theater.

I’m actually giddy at the idea of seeing Spider-Man again. It really was that good.


I might go see it again just to see it in 3D again. God damn this movie.


Very important question: does it have at least one 60’s Spiderman meme joke?


Spoiler Alert



I’ll be seeing it Tuesday night.


+1 recommendation for SM: Spider-verse

There’s an end of movie stinger that’s hilarious.

Sony is thinking about a Silk movie now since they have some traction with Spider-verse.


I’m going to try to go on X-Mas day before or after eating Chinese food. Gotta see my boy Miguel “asshole” O’Hara.


I may be wrong about this, but what I heard is that they were thinking of doing an all-female Spider-Man cast starring Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, and Silk.


It will be interested how’d that movie will work. There’s a graphic novel called Spider-Women that is that exact premise, but it relies a lot of the Spider-verse event comic.


I don’t know, but after watching this movie, if they can keep this creative team, I will trust them with any movie they want to make. Heck, bring on a Spider-Ham movie!


So Lord and Miller make another really good animated action comedy movie? I’m shocked!


100% Agree. It’s already pop art like from the style and use of color but the 3D makes everything has so much more dimension. Almost like you are watching a shadow box come to life. There’s nothing quite like it.

Also, it’s now like my #3 movie of the year. Rarely will I watch movies twice in a theater these days, but this movie really pushed. It’s phenomenal and I would dare say rivals Black Panther in terms of execution. Plot, character development, design, action, humor, and tearjerking moments all delivered incredibly well. Not just the best Spiderman movie now but probably one of the best superhero movies ever made.

So Lord and Miller make another really good animated action comedy movie? I’m shocked!

Lord/Miller produced it and Lord wrote on it, but it was done by a team of three separate directors. It has their touch for sure but the new crew really knocked it out of the park (and they all have an interesting history to them)