What movie have you seen recently?


Hereditary was good. Lots of VVitch vibes.


God father parts, all of them on netflix US. Bad thing is I am back to UK and it sucks to watch Netflix now. All the stale content and nothing worth-watching then a few netflix originals.

I think I should give netflix vpn a try!

US netflix library is so huge and fresh


Kung Fu Panda

Wow, this still looks amazing now even after 10 years of new CGI technology. It’s also just a solid kung fu movie, with all the same tropes and stories. The fight sequences are truly spectacular, even as they avoid outright violence.

A minor quibble was all the unnecessary-seeming slapstick from the main character, but it’s all paid off in the final battle where every single clumsy thing he does in the rest of the movie becomes a fight move.

The voice acting for most of the main characters is great, except for Viper, Crane and Mantis. They cast big-name actors, but is Seth Rogen really the person you want to voice a kung fu expert with 20 years of training? Nope.


The first Kung Fu Panda is still the greatest Kung Fu Panda tbh.


It’s October and that apparently means John Carpenter movies in theaters! There was a trifecta of Carpenter movies I haven’t seen.

  • Prince of Darkness has the technobabble of Ghostbusters and the blasphemy of The Exorcist. It’s not the best, but it’s got creepy weirdness, a few actors from Big Trouble in Little China, and Donald fucking Pleasence. The last movie I saw him in was MST3K’s Pumaman, so it was refreshing to see him act in a not-entirely-awful role.

  • The Fog is interesting, but I can’t help but feel like it wrapped up too quickly. Imagine making a horror movie in the setting of Jaws. It’s a slow motion disaster set in a small town. It plays with distance in an interesting way, as one of the characters spends most of the time broadcasting from a radio station.

  • Halloween (1978) is horror classic—this was a 40th anniversary showing. I haven’t seen any of these teen slasher classics, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The debut of Jamie Lee Curtis and more Donald Pleasence! I was greatly amused that Pleasence got a quick, funny scene where he scares a kid away from a somewhat legitimately haunted house.

But that’s not all!

  • Halloween IV was a double-feature with Halloween and was also celebrating its 30th anniversary—on an original 35mm print. I discovered afterward that the continuity and canonicity of the Halloween movies is a big damn mess. IV is basically a direct sequel to the original with some elements of II that they retconned. (III doesn’t involve Michael Myers at all.) All in all, it’s ok, but it shines best when it reincorporates details from the first movie. No regrets about skipping II and III to see it.

  • Halloween (2018) because why not after seeing the original a few days earlier? It’s a direct sequel to the first movie set forty years later starring a T2/Sarah Conner-style, ruggedized Jamie Lee Curtis in full prepper mode. It has many enjoyable callbacks to the original, including a refreshingly modern babysitting interaction. There’s some dumb teen bullshit that bogs down the middle, but it’s all business in the last quarter of the movie.

  • Venom is as dumb as you think it is.


I’ve watched that movie several times in a week while I worked. So good.

As for movies, finally got around to watching Tag, based on a true story. Silky fun. Worth watching. The wife played by Isla Fisher is my spirit animal.



Not anywhere as good as I remember it. The pacing is so slow, and not in a steady or good way, just in a boring way. I can’t connect with the family, the child, or the puppet. And the music is good for one time round each theme, but there just isn’t the variety of characters for the leitmotifs to add anything except “bored of hearing this music for the 20th time already”.


I wonder if kids still like it. How old were you when you first saw it?


E.T. scared the crap out of me as a kid at like, 5-6.


I first saw it when I was about 12 or so. I grew up without a tv in the house, so my first and main memory of ET was a story book with text and images (movie stills) which I must admit I have fonder memories of than the movie. I don’t have any childhood memories of the movie itself.


10 Things I Hate About You

I wasn’t sure how well this would hold up, but it’s actually really good fun. Funny and smart, but also appropriately silly for a Shakespeare adaptation.

What surprised me most is how clever a lot of the cinematography is for a romcom. There were so many shots that made me think “there was a safe, normal way to shoot that scene, but they went for something crazy that worked waaaay better”.

One minor subplot, with Michael wooing Mandella, seemed way too brisk, and I guessed that a lot of that story had been cut for time. A quick check on imdb cleared it up: the story revolved around Mandella attempting suicide so she could be united with Shakespeare! That would have be tonally inappropriate, but also explains why Michael dressing up as Shakespeare was appealing.


I have to agree with you as that turned out to be a surprisingly good movie. I ended up seeing it because I was taking some younger cousins out to the movies as part of a birthday celebration for one of them and it was one of the few age-appropriate movies in the theater at the time. I went in with low expectations and came out pleasantly surprised.


Bohemian Rhapsody is super lame. Queen is a really talented, dynamic, and innovative band and it’s given the most basic ass paint-by-numbers, straight-to-TV biopic. There’s a lot of fake stuff made up for drama reasons. Rami Malek is decent, he does far better with the performance aspect than acting normal. It’s painfully obvious in a lot of ways especially hinting at Mercury’s AIDS illness and a rather embarrassing Mike Meyers cameo.

You like Queen? Watch a concert video or listen to an album. Don’t let it paint your expectations of this cause this film doesn’t deserve the music.


It also seemingly goes out of it’s way to deny that Freddy Mercury was Bisexual, rather than Gay, which was super disappointing.


No joke when he breaks up with Mary Austen, it goes as such:

Freddie: Mary, I…I think I’m bisexual.
Mary: No Freddie, you are gay!


I bet they didn’t even include the part where Brian May does the soundtrack for Rise of the Robots.


No mention of Flash Gordon or Highlander either.


I saw The Last Jedi again over the weekend. I hadn’t seen it since it originally came out in theaters. When I saw it the first time, I enjoyed it, but found parts of it to be stupid and generally didn’t like what the movie did with Luke Skywalker.

Having watched the movie a second time, and knowing what would happen, I think I enjoyed it more than my first time, but my initial impressions and opinions of the movie still hold true, I’m just able to look past them. I still think the entire sub-plot with Finn and Rose was stupid and a complete waste of time. Nothing against either actor, they did a fine job, but the whole casino planet/steal the code/hack the star destroyer plot could have been done so much better. There’s also the absolutely HUGE plot hole where somehow Benecio Del Toro’s character knew somehow that the Rebels were using cloaked shuttles to escape? I still don’t get that.

Poe Dameron is still a moron, and instead of treating him like a well-meaning puppy that just needs to learn how to shit outside, Leia and Holdo should have thrown him in the brig for attempted mutiny and treason.

Still not a fan of Luke’s portrayal, but knowing how it would play out ahead of time, my hatred of his character assassination is lessened. His scenes with Rey were good.

All that being said, just like the first time I saw the movie, I absolutely LOVED the Rey/Kylo Ren interaction and the whole sub-plot with Snoke. Yes, I wish we knew more about Snoke, but every scene with Rey and Kylo was fantastic. Also, the climax of the movie with Luke providing a distraction so the Rebels could escape was pretty badass.

Overall, I’m looking forward to Episode IX, both to see where they go with the story and more importantly, to finally clear the board of the remaining original trilogy characters. I think the greatest impediment to this new trilogy was trying to shoehorn in the original trilogy cast members, as if nothing had happened since Return of the Jedi, while trying to tell a new story.

At some point, I need to rewatch Rogue One to see if I still hate that movie as much as I hated it when I first saw it. And I absolutely hated Rogue One…


I watched the live action Speed Racer the Wachowski sisters did a few years ago. Boy that movie is dumb but obviously dumb on purpose. I had a great time watching it.


DJ was sitting in the passenger seat when Poe was explaining to Finn and Rose the whole “Cloaked Shuttles” plan over the comm system. There’s a small cut during the conservation to show that he was listening.

The problem with Poe and Holdo’s relationship could have been handled much better, but the story required tension no matter how much sense it made.

I’m glad they got rid of Snoke as early as they did. I am sort of interested in his backstory, but that’s something novels or comics could handle. Going forward, Kylo’s in charge and it’s his show to run. I don’t know what they’re going for exactly. “Family redeems” was a big theme in the original story, but in this movie maybe they’re going more for a “Family is more than bloodlines” angle so far.