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It’s a shame that they only ever adapted this book. The entire Aubrey Maturin series is excellent. It’s right up there with the Horatio Hornblower books. I’d love for a TV adaptation of the whole series similar to the Hornblower made-for-TV-movies.


God damn it, now I have to go home and watch Hornblower again.



By god.

Is that??


You can never get enough Hornblower.

My dream Star Trek series is basically Horatio Hornblower In Space. Start out with a couple recent Federation academy graduates and follow those cadets as they work their way up the ranks of Starfleet. Kill off a couple eventually, have some leave the show, but eventually one becomes captain of their own ship.


Ironic that you are asking for Hornblower in space, given how that’s how Gene Roddenberry pitched Star Trek to NBC back in the 60’s.


I always thought Roddenberry pitched it as Wagon Train in Space.


I think this is the correct pitch.

Hornblower in space would be amazing though. I had hoped that’s what Star Trek Discovery would be, but it turned into something different.


I think I’ve mentioned before, but I want Hornblower in Star Wars’ Space.


Honor Harrington? It’s not Star Trek but it is explicitly Horatio Hornblower in space.


Unfortunately, that series ended, for some reason.

(She was not my first bounty taken.)


I’ve heard good things about this series, but I can never get past how hideously ugly the book covers are. I know, I know, but come on…


The first book is utter garbage. I can’t comment on the series as a whole. Also it doesn’t start off with the main character as a young midshipman who has to work their way up, instead we follow the story of an ultra competent ship captain who works their way up to… ship captain.


Aw man why’d you spoil the ending, I was hanging out to find out if she’d ever become captain.


He kinda pitched it as both:

Gene Roddenberry’s original pitch for Star Trek described the ship’s proposed hero (Robert April) as a “space-age Captain Horatio Hornblower” . Both tales shared major themes centering on the captain of a ship far from home, depending on his vessel, a loyal crew, and his own considerable wits to resolve military and diplomatic crises threatening his country’s interests. While clearly bearing Roddenberry’s stamp, the spirit of Hornblower and the age of sailing ships was evident throughout the franchise, and most prominent in original series episodes like “The Corbomite Maneuver”, “Balance of Terror”, “Arena” and “The Doomsday Machine”, as well as the films Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country .

About the “Wagon Train” part, that was there too, of course:

The draft included the famous faux-Drake equation. It also described “Star Trek” as a " ‘Wagon Train’ concept," referring to the long-running western television series Wagon Train. This reference was recrafted by a writing pal from Roddenberry’s early TV days, Samuel A. Peeples, who saw the draft proposal at a private dinner and coined the immortal phrase "Wagon Train to the Stars.


Hornblower didn’t start that way either. They publish them now in chronological order of Hornblower’s career but the first book is actually a short story collection. The stories were published at different times throughout Forester’s career, there’s no full novel about Hornblower as a midshipman. Also it’s not high literature but it’s a fun read, I definitely recommend it. The cover art is atrocious I will admit.


I’m currently on book 14 of the Honor Harrington Series (Not counting the side novel series and various short story anthologies. They’re 30 Hour Audiobooks so they provide good return on credits.

Technically she’s not Hornblower in space, she’s Lord Admiral Nelson in space.

If you ever wanted explanation of why bluewater navy traditions exist, but just have it happen in space this is the series for you.

The rest of the book go something like this:

Book 2: Honor defend planet of the Weeby Space Mormons from the neighboring planet of the Extremist Weeby Space Mormons aided by the Space French.

Book 3: Space France delcares war against Space England, meanwhile the Space French Revolution happens.

Book 4: Honor shoots a couple of assholes in pistol duels. Is forcibly retired to her estate on Space Utah which she obtained at the end of book 2.

Book 5: Life on Space Utah running her estate, Space Utah isn’t quite as civilized as Space England. They still only have sword duels instead of pistols.

Book 6: Out of retirement. Secret mission to the Space Barbary Coast which is adjacent to Space Germany.

Book 7: Honor and her ship are captured by “Reign-of-Terror” Space France and send to Space Devil’s island.

Book 8: Honor’s escape from Space Devil’s island and various events having to do with the wider war.

Book 9: The fallout from “Honor was declared dead but isn’t”, also the Space French have had enough of the “Reign of terror” bullshit.

Book 10: Nobody wants another war but it’s happening because people are idiots. Space England is expanding into another area of space. One of the planets is literally named Montana and was settled by cattle ranchers.

Book 11: Honor loses a battle, and one of her friends (soon to be a series of her own) gets captured, the universe gets new military toy to play with. Honor’s relationships get more complicated.

Book 12: Secret attack on Space England Shipyards as the result of events of 4 seperate side novels that features Honor’s friend and Space Montana in one, and Space Haiti versus the Space Genetic Illuminati. Basically “Go read the side novel series or be somewhat lost”.

Although hearing the exact same scene in three different books was kinda of annoying. You do find out that “Space Germany doesn’t put up with crap” though.

Book 13: The Space Genetic Illuminati has managed to engineer war between Space Italy (which includes the actual planet Earth) and Space England. Space England, France, and Germany realize they’re getting setup by the Space Genetic Illuminati, but Space Italy is the 4000 Super Dreadnaught Gorilla of Space so war is inevitable.

Book 14: Still in process of that one. So far Space Italy is beginning to realize they missed out of 70+ years of military technical development and refinement that was the result of Space England and France beating the crap out of each other.

These are very broad brushstrokes and I’m not even mentioning even half the insanity that happens along the way.


Ok I don’t know how I feel about having Space Hornblower be so literal as to have pistol and sword duels, and other obvious trappings of the age of sail simply “in-spaced”

But might be worth one audible credit at a minimum.


The “Physics” of the Universe favor was definitely crafted to mimic “Age of Sail” (2-D combat, Broadsides, and Bow and Rear shots are especially deadly) However over time new technologies emerge that make “Space Carriers” practical, and giant Super Dreadnoughts become obsolete by more modern battlecruisers and missile cruisers.

Also the way Space France as it was written in the early was particularly annoying. Everyone had a guaranteed living stipend so 60% of the population didn’t feel the need to work.


“Get Out”. It’s like I knew all the characters personally. The heiress has…“untoward” desires.Her family, which is “accepting” of his differences, to a degree. The only differences was that his friends were able to get him out before any truly bad things happened.


George C. Scott in Patton reminded me of Dr. Strangelove, so I rewatched that classic. To finalize the Scott-a-thon, I watched The Changeling (1980), which is apparently a classic horror movie. I would guess it’s one of those early horror movies, alongside say The Exorcist, that defined a bunch of what are now horror tropes. Not much in the way of jump scares, refreshing to see a competent protagonist work through some shit, an actor who can act, and horror that plays by a consistent set of rules—all good stuff!

The Changeling also partially set in Seattle, and includes a recognizable exterior shot of Rainier Tower and a shot ostensibly from the tower that has the Space Needle in the background. Why do I remember this tower from wandering through Seattle during PAX West? It’s the one with the weird inverted base!

I even took a picture of it last PAX!