What movie have you seen recently?


Coco was everything people told me Inside Out was, but actually a good movie. Certainly in my top 3 or 4 Pixar movies.


Something something Trump something “Space Force” the other day, and I showed Juliane a tweet that said “Do you want to know more?”

She didn’t get the joke.

So last night we watched Starship Troopers. It’s really good! I mean, it’s a cheesy B-movie with a huge budget, but it works so great as satire. I remember watching it at the cinema, and walking out people were saying “Worst movie ever” but I wasn’t sure if they were taking it too seriously. The line “It’s sucked out his brains” got a huge laugh in the cinema, I recall. Nobody puts a line like that into a movie by accident, so I thought they should give the director more credit.

The special effects hold up… or at least all the aliens on the planets do. The hoards of bugs still looks amazing. All the ships in space look super dated though. It could do with a Special Edition cleanup where all the space stuff is updated with better compositing, but with all the planet-side material left exactly as it is.

And the battles are seriously dramatic. The fort being attacked by bugs is waaaay more interesting and dramatic than any of the army-vs-army battles in all the latest Marvel or Star Wars movies. Like the the battle in Wakanda at the end of Infinity War. That was garbage compared to the middle battle in Starship Troopers. Of course it comes down to how much planning and physical sets and preparation for the big sequences in 1997 compared to 2018. Back then it had to be good from the very start, not fixed in post production like Black Panther.

I mean, look at how the visual effects supervisor is describing the key shots they are planning while building the set. It’s so clear they all know exactly what they want here:

Compared to the end battle in Black Panther, which was filmed on a blue screen set, then hacked to pieces, then put together with all new land and sky… and then other shit happening in the background… and then they replace the main thing you are looking at, Black Panther himself, with a completely CGI character that looks, well, utterly shit. Even the Jar Jar Binx battle at the end of Episode I was better than this shit:

Ha! I just scrolled to the comments on that video. It’s pretty funny to see things like:

“Worst part of the movie was the CGI, that tunnel fight was atrocious.”

“We ended up doing full CG replacements for the actors” - Yeah. We could tell.

“Just came for the comments to see if anyone else thought the CG was trash.”

“The CGI in the third act looked like two people made of rubber fighting in a PS2 cutscene.”

“TBH as good as the movie was, special effects and CGI wasn’t the one of it’s highlights.”

“Man that railway scenes was not that good man looka like star ship trooper the animated series”

“The CGI in that final battle was horrendous, but everything else was great. Shoutout to them for making Wakanda look like a real place”


We borrowed Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle from the library and it is way better than it has any right to be. It’s really clever and funny, subtly subverts tropes while also being goofy and over the top, and is generally just a fun time. I really recommend it for a fun date night rental.


I heard that too saving it for a movie night option with the kid that we all can tolerate.


Pacific Rim: Uprising is a mostly acceptable action movie, but it failed Geography class.

Only one of the Kaiju could have possibly passed through Tokyo, and even then, it wouldn’t have been anywhere near the life-sized Gundam in Odaiba. And even assuming they passed through Neo-Hyper-City-Tokyo, it’s 100km from downtown Tokyo (where the fight “took place”) to Mt. Fuji, and it’d’ve take the final Kaiju more than a few minutes to lope over there.


My wife and I went to see the new Jurassic World. It was kind of terrible plot wise, everyone does dumb shit and they have the OH NO THE DINOSAUR IS COMING RIGHT FOR US QUICK CLOSE THE DOOR OH NO THE DOOR IS STUCK! bit like fifty times. HOWEVER. The dinosaur on dinosaur violence is super cool and the main draw of the movie IMO.


So it’s kind of like the Transformers movies where they would have been infinitely better if they hadn’t included humans and just focused on robot vs robot violence?


Yes, precisely. Also this gives me the best idea to make a movie of nothing but dinosaur vs. robot violence.


I have practically nothing to do today, and went to see Sicario 2 at an early showing. It was good. Didn’t have much of a message, even given how topical the ground it covers is, but the movie was filled with good acting, good action, good drama. I was entertained.

I also had my wife’s moviepass on me, and could have walked right from Sicario 2 into Jurassic World 2 for free, and I just couldn’t bear to do it.


That’s basically Pacific Rim though. The kaiju aren’t much more than extra large dinosaurs for the most part.


A very good point my friend. Still there should be more dumb movies like that.


Went to go see Ocean’s 8 with Tallas. Was expecting a fun heist film, witty banter, and celebrities getting paid lots of money to hang out.

I got exactly what I was expecting and enjoyed it.


Once Upon a Time in the West — As a Morricone fan, when I heard one of the local art theaters was having a showing, I made sure to be there. Fantastic score, obviously. Part of what makes it work so well is how the jarring, diagetic harmonica interrupts every scene it’s in. We hear it because the protagonist is playing it and the other characters are hearing it, and they’re either confused or initiating a fight/flight response. There are complaints that the movie is too slow, but maybe that’s more of a problem for repeated viewings.

The Matrix — On the big screen. Still pretty goddamn fantastic. The only thing that struck me this viewing is how terrible Trinity’s dialog is for the “I love you” scene. She’s a badass and has badass dialog everywhere else, but at the climax of the movie we get the dumbest wording ever. I wanted an Trinity-flavored version of Han Solo’s “I know.”

Solo — Mostly action set pieces with some funny bits. I cared more about Lando and L3 than whoever I was supposed to care about.

Solo, minor spoiler

Is this the first time droids-as-slaves was directly addressed in the movies? Since A New Hope and the jawas?


Minor spoiler answer - Maybe


It was slightly addressed in Rogue One when K-2SO talks about not being allowed to have a blaster, but that’s also because K-2SO used to be an emperial droid. We saw droids with weapons in the prequels, but not since. Maybe everyone, including the empire, decided it was a bad idea after the fall of the republic for some reason?

Really, almost everything relating to droids is very unexplained in Star Wars. How do they even work? Who made them? Where is the Droid factory?


Not going to spoiler this as it is about what happened in the prequel trilogy, but keep in mind that many of the Separatists’ troops in the prequels consisted of armed droids.


I saw Ocean’s 8 over the weekend. I thought it was OK. There was nothing particularly bad about the movie, but there was nothing particularly great about it either. All the various actors and actresses were adequate, but something just seemed to be missing. I think they were let down by the script more than they did a bad job acting. The movie just seemed like it was very paint by numbers.

Thinking about it some more, maybe this is an unfair comparison, but the two biggest areas that I feel Ocean’s 8 pales compared to Ocean’s 11 is the main antagonist and the relationship between the two leads and the members of the “crew.”

In Ocean’s 11, Andy Garcia is a great villain and antagonist. He’s more than just an asshole and the audience can’t wait for him to get his comeuppance. Plus, he’s the target of the heist and the target of Danny’s revenge. He makes for a compelling bad guy. In Ocean’s 8, on the other hand, Richard Armitage just can’t pull off being the villain the way Garcia does. I know there’s a whole elaborate backstory as to why they target him, but at the same time, he just seems like a jerk pretty boy. He didn’t exude any of the gravitas or malevolence that Andy Garcia did. Plus, he wasn’t really integral to the plot the way Andy Garcia’s character was, owning the casinos that were being targeted.

As for the two leads and the crew in general, while Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett were both good, As I wrote above, I felt like the script and the material let them down. They just didn’t have that bond or that witty banter that George Clooney and Brad Pitt had in Ocean’s 11. Ocean’s 8 just seemed to be missing some of the little touches that Ocean’s 11 had, like Brad Pitt’s character eating something in almost every scene he was in.

Also, the crew in Ocean’s 11 felt like a family. Clooney was the “mom” while Pitt was the “dad,” and there’s this long running gag that everyone has more confidence in Pitt’s character than Clooney’s and that they didn’t want to be called “Ocean’s 11,” that he wasn’t the boss. You didn’t have any of that in Ocean’s 8. Maybe it was because in Ocean’s 11, the characters knew each other to some degree before they all get together, either personally, or by reputation, while in Ocean’s 8, all the characters are virtual strangers and unknowns to each other. In Ocean’s 11, there was a shared history that they built off of. In Ocean’s 8, there was none of that.

Overall, if Ocean’s 8 is on Netflix, give it a watch if you want. But I wouldn’t pay full price to see it in the theaters.


The probe droid on Hoth had a blaster, and iirc IG-88 is shown holding guns in Empire so at least some droids have guns. According to the now non-canon novels droids are made all over the place but there’s a few companies that have entire factory planets dedicated to making droids. Can’t remember the names off the top of my head.


Ooh, you’re right. It’s not very powerful though.

We also learn that


The millenium falcon’s nav computer is a droid AI.

Why isn’t every Star Destroyer actually a Droid? Why isn’t the Death Star a droid? People won’t need to do any space fighting or piloting if every ship has an AI like The Culture.



Quoted Spoilers

[quote=“Apreche, post:518, topic:73”]
The millenium falcon’s nav computer is a droid AI.

Why isn’t every Star Destroyer actually a Droid? Why isn’t the Death Star a droid? People won’t need to do any space fighting or piloting if every ship has an AI like The Culture.

Novel spoilers

That was actually a big deal in the IG-88 novella. IG-88 wanted to and almost succeeded in inserting its AI into the Death Star II so it could use it to kill all organic life in the galaxy and create a droid utopia.


Dang, that would have been a compelling plot thread to toss into RotJ.