What movie have you seen recently?


In the recent Darth Vader comics by Kieron Gillen, Dr. Aphra and Darth Vader by extension, have two droids that are kind of the “evil versions” of C3PO and R2D2. Triple Zero looks like a protocol droid, but he’s actually an assassin/torture droid. BT-1 looks like a normal astromech droid, but he’s armed to the teeth. Both go around wanting to kill pretty much every human they come across.


I thought it would have actually made a cool side movie like Solo or Rogue One, or even a trilogy. We beat the Empire but OH NO THEIR ROGUE AI STARTED A DROID REBELLION AND ITS KICKING OUR ASSES!


Can an AI be strong in the force?


You really need to read the Bounty Hunters novella collection. It’s all good, well written stories about all the bounty hunters you see in the background in Empire. It’s got the IG-88 story I mentioned, a story about the other droid bounty hunter and the Force, and Boba Fett as a tired old man.


Aint noone got time for that.


Long story short, according to the old canon and disregarding midichlorians, yes droids can at the very least be Force sensitive.


Why indeed? The Culture books have a lot of examples of different ways this played out. Star Wars’ universe seems to mirror Dune in terms of disparate or nonsensical tech adoption.


It’s basically because The Culture is actual science fiction and Star Wars is space fantasy.


I always loved that you can 1:1 Star Wars to Medieval Fantasy. Black and White knights, sorcery, magic swords, an evil king’s fortress, a snarky sea captain, a dethroned princess, etc…


Exactly. That’s part of what makes Star Wars so awesome.

Space Wizards and mystical samurai with laser swords? Who doesn’t think that’s cool?


Did any of the Culture books deal with AI trying to exterminate all biological life? Cause that’s why Dune doesn’t have it.


None of the first 5 did, (that’s where I stopped reading)



Taxi Driver is a very great movie about a very bad person.

The Monster is lame.

Good Time is strange, grimy, and oddly compelling.

Precious is heartbreaking and sweet at the same time.

Train to Busan is the only Korean movie I’ve seen that I like.

3 out of 5 of those movies are set in NYC!


My girlfriend made me see Train to Busan, I’m not generally into zombies but I’m glad she did, it was great


Yeah, that is probably the best zombie movie since the golden age of zombie movies.


Dune has some wild concepts and I love it. Tripping so hard on hallucinogens they see the future for space navigation always blew my mind.


I liked Shaun of the Dead as well. That’s about the end of the list though.

Honorable mention to Zombieland, which had a few good moments (such as every frame with Bill Murray)


Computers being outlawed, was why they have Mentats in Dune since they are trained to be human computers.


Wonder if that’s where fallout’s drug, Mentats comes from, which boosts intelligence, among other things.