What movie have you seen recently?



Saw Avengers: Infinity War last night. Without wanting to delve into spoilers, I thought it was good and I’m looking forward to where they go from here.

I will say that after being teased for the past 10 years, Thanos was sufficiently terrifying and powerful to be the antagonist for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe.


A Quiet Place is a good horror/suspense flick. Had me jumpy. Also kids are dumb.


Batman Ninja is gorgeous, but I ended up not liking it or enjoying it at all. The movie is just a mess. They tried to do WAAAAAY too much, and as a result, the movie suffers from a lack of focus and a completely nonsensical plot. Also, I was not a fan of the seemingly arbitrary shifts in animation styles.

Finally, MILD SPOILER WARNINGS: Giant transforming castles in feudal Japan are just dumb.


Pom Poko/Grave of the Fireflies double feature, for a double dose of whiplash feels. I hadn’t seen either. The English dub of Pom Poko has some odd linguistic choices, with “tanooki” as “raccoon” and also “pouches”. Kif is the narrator. And Grave at least sets things up so you know where they’re going, emotionally.


Oh no! I was looking forward to Batman Ninja. I think I’ll still watch it for the visuals, but that’s pretty disappointing.

Story-wise, I really enjoyed Gotham By Gaslight. Honestly, I think I like it more than The Dark Night (which I re-watched recently and boy is there some shoddy plotting I didn’t notice when I saw it originally).


I could say a counter point and claim, that in my mind Batman Ninja was stupid, nuts, and way awesome. The switching artstyles didn’t’ bother me, it looked overall quite pretty. Giant robots are always cool, animal thing was the dumb part.

Also, apparently the script was rewritten in the English dub so I’m going to, at some point, watch it again in Japanese to see how the original version was. Although I do think that most important stuff came through from the visuals.


Gotham by Gaslight was based on a comic by Mike Mignola, so of course it’s going to be good. Batman Ninja, by contrast, was a hodgepodge of cool visuals thrown together and then a plot bolted on afterwards to try and give context to it all. There really isn’t a comparison between them storywise.

I agree that the art and visuals were gorgeous, but I couldn’t get past the nonsensical plot. Also, I love me some giant robots as well, but why bother setting the movie in feudal Japan if you’re going to add them in? That doesn’t make any sense. I completely agree with you that the animal stuff was dumb.

That’s interesting about the script being rewritten in the English dub. I don’t know if I care enough to watch the original, but that just further proves to me that this was a vehicle for the animation, and the story was secondary to that.

Obviously, this is all just my opinion, and there’s plenty of things to like if you turn off your brain, but as I said to another friend, the closest analogue to this movie, for me at least, was Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, which also had amazing visuals, but I also hated.


Deadpool 2 is a bit slow at first, but ramps up the action, fun, stupid, feels, and meta as it goes along. A good date movie.


The Greatest Showman is terrible on so many levels, but still isn’t completely unwatchable.


The Bruce Willis Death Wish movie is essentially the blank slate isekai protagonist for average joe white dude imagining how badass they could be if someone would just give them a reason. “He’s totally rich and highly respected and does the best everything, but then someone hurts his wife/girlfriend/daughter and now he’s going to go John Rambo vigilante and even the cops are going to be OK with it cause he’s just such a great white guy.”

On the other hand I guess John Wick has sort-of the same plot, but it just feels way less creepy. Do I find it better because the premise is that he was a hit man? Or because someone hurt his dog? Or is Keanu and the project better? Maybe because it was just less… pandering.


I think the difference is that Wick is not just a hitman, but he’s someone who escaped that life, and came back to it. It’s clearly established that the people he’s going after are in the life, as he is, everyone’s on equal footing. The violence is glorified, but it’s not fetishised, and it’s clear that everyone involved is bad people, or at best morally ambiguous - John is not a hero because he’s doing what he’s doing, or at all, he’s just a guy doing what he knows best to fulfill a personal need. It’s explicitly laid out as a world with it’s own rules very early on.

Death Wish is almost the exact opposite. It’s still a roaring rampage of revenge type story, but the violence is almost fetishised, and they draw the big hard line that Paul is the capital G good guy doing nasty things to bad people, the real hero of the piece, because he’s taking justice into his own hands. It glorifies murder, rather than treating it as a fact of the setting, and it’s made clear that it is meant to be our world, not a separate shadow world with it’s own rules.

TL:DR - John Wick is a revenge movie set in another world next to ours, Death Wish is revenge pornography explicitly in our world.


The first hour of The Mummy (2017) wasn’t good, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d heard the movie to be. Some fun action, fun adventuring, fun plane crash, fun monster stuff.

But then Russell Crowe turns up, and while he didn’t single-handedly ruin the movie, his appearance marks the turning point to make this the WAAAAAY worse than I’d heard. Just utterly, profanely bad. And weirdly creepy and misogynistic in a way I think I heard mention once, but didn’t remember correctly or understand at the time… but WAAAAY worse than that too.

And Russell Crowe is terrible! I can’t get over how bad he is at accents. And in this he has to do two different accents for his two different characters. Neither of which needed to be in the movie at all, and only made the movie worse.

The idea to make a shared universe where people hunt classic monsters? Fine! I’d be into it, if they were all like the first hour of this movie. But you can’t introduce the idea of that series of movies in a way that just interrupts the FIRST movie. It’s like they looked at the MCU and the DC movies, and thought “Let’s do it the DC way, not like the wildly popular MCU” where it’s introduced in post-credits sequences once people are already used to the style.

Whatever shared universe Kong and Godzilla are in, and movies they will share in the future? I’m into it! Because I watched two movies that were good fun, or at least I don’t regret watching them, and if in the future I get to see Godzilla and Kong fight other monsters together? Great! Maybe a Mecha-Godzilla or the moth thing? Cool.

But by ruining The Mummy (even more than it had already ruined itself) by forcing in a shared universe backstory? Makes me want to SKIP anything associated with this whenever I might see it come on TV.


Watched The Cave, last night. Good watch. I’d recommend a few netflix titles. Outsider & Mute.


Take Stalker and juice it up a bit. That’s Annihilation.


Lost Highway rewatch, a decade later. There’s a certain threshold of David Lynch I can stand and find enjoyable. Past that threshold, the rest is “that’s right, more dream imagery and fantastic noises”. Lost Highway falls nicely on the enjoyable side. It also has a great soundtrack and uses its songs well.


Incredibles 2 is pretty good. Not as incredible as the first but all the superhero stuff you like about the characters, action, comedy, and score is still there in full force. Biggest problems are the villains who are much weaker and they’ve taken bits and pieces of the Randian philosophy that was there in Brad Bird’s previous film Tomorrowland. It makes the discussion of superhero powers and philosophy of it very preachy at times and hurts the narrative a lot.

However, the reason to see this movie is the short before the film called Bao. Dear god, that might be the best short Pixar has ever released. Went from laughing, to crying, to in sheer dumb awe from certain actions in that short. It was so tender and warm and really gets you in the heart.


The RBG movie is just incredible. It does an amazing job of showcasing the life of one of the most important Supreme Court justices while also doing a great job of explaining the importance of her legal work, both before and on the Court.


Double feature consisting of Cliffhanger followed by Demolition Man. What can I say i was in a Stallone mood. The 90’s what a wonderful time.


I just finished watching Coco and damn that was a 9/10 Pixar. Now I want a Hector Rivera shirt.