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I remember what you did to me at DragonCon.


Tenchi is one of those series that everybody remembers but few people know anything about.

Did you know that Tenchi fucks the cabbit thing there and has kids with it, for example?

Turns out, we finally do know what Miami Mike did at DragonCon, btw.

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That is only recently canon.

Tenchi is probably the first modern harem show. It’s the Prometheus from which Love Hina and all the terrifying garbage that followed arose.

It’s a good show*

* Only the first OAV, the first movie, and the second OAV. Possibly the second movie**

** There is one very problematic aspect about the second movie. It’s beautiful otherwise. But it’s there. You can’t ignore it.



I don’t want to listen to a podcast. Gimme the TL;DL.

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Basically, Ctenosaur was one of those proto-bootleg-fansub distributors that existed back in the old VHS era. He traded some fansubs to Miami Mike for some merch (IIRC, a couple of model kits and shit like that). Later that DC, Ctenosaur found Miami Mike selling copies of the very boot-fansubs he traded.

It’s the kinda bullshit thing that only happens in that era where “having the fansub” made you neigh unto a god in the anime community.

In high school I got ahold of those coveted first-generation VKLL Sailor Moon fansubs. I would arrange screenings for people.

I missed that whole era. I became a fan just as Digisubs completely lost their stigma and became common.

I remember trolling Sharazza for 480i digisubs of Excel Saga and being very, very confused by this weird thing called “BitTorrent” and wondering why people were using it.

I remember almost getting banned from RIT Anime because I brought CDs with a fansub of the Escaflowne movie and handed them out at the club.

It was one of the first widely available digital fansubs.

I thought Gatekeepers was the first? What was that website where we got it from? I remember checking it constantly for new episodes.

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Escaflowne was the first I believe. (I may be wrong).

Gatekeepers was the first one we screened at the club. Until then, there was a blanket ban on screening a digital fansub.

A quick Google could not find any verification of what exactly was the first digital fansub. However, it did turn up this interesting site.

And that let me to answer my own question

I may now own Dog Soldier and Demon City Shinjuku on VHS. I have a weird obsession with 80’s and 90’s garbage.

I remember watching Project A-Ko back in the day.

I had no idea she had super powers. I thought it was just exaggerated animation. She’d be late for school and she’s run super fast and bust down a wall! That’s just standard anime.

Then later it was all about her super powers and I was really confused.

Never forget the Venus Wars.

It’s beautiful. And it also goes absolutely nowhere. It just kind of peters out and stops. It starts great and just gets less and less compelling until you fall asleep or turn it off.




A few years ago, my friends picked the Tenchi Muyo movie for a movie night, and my feeling afterwards was, “God, that was shitty.”

I watched Venus Wars once back in the days of Blockbuster video. All I vaguely remember were cool motorcycles and there was racing with the motorcycles maybe and then war happens. The movie also felt like it 3 hours long.

Was that the time travel one were Tenchi meets his teenage mom and Doc Brown sends him back to the future?