Video game offers

I see it as a perk for whenever you get your next video card. Not a reason to get one.


I played it on my 3080 Ti and it runs beautifully! The video has some recommended settings to get a good experience on a 2080 as well. So while a 4080 will let you turn all the sliders up to the max, you still can see the benefits on a reasonably modern Nvdia card.

I thought it was interesting, especially with the technical explanations in the video, as far as what it could mean for replaying older games with a fresh coat of paint on them, more so than “yay new Portal we should all play right now!”

Managed to get all of Civ 6 for about $30 on steam, so I decided to finally try it out.

Offer ends tomorrow, but I thing most people here already have it

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Apparently they’ve lost the license, so they made it free until it gets delisted on the 23rd.

Anno 1800, one of my favorite PC games in the past couple of years, and one of the best management sim games ever, is currently on sale on Steam for only $14.99. Great game for a great price!

What’s even cooler is that you can play the game completely co-op with other people, so you can both control the same civ or whatever.

What a bundle this is.

Steam is running a sale on Warhammer related games. This includes the new classic Doom-like shooter Boltgun which released just a couple days ago which is 10% off. I also grabbed myself Mechanicus which I heard good things about and Space Marine which were well discounted, and a friend told me I should grab Gladius since its free.

Anybody else have a recommendation?

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Fallout NV is free on Epic Game Store