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Saw this coming a mile away. There is no reason to buy an NES/SNES classic.


Cuphead is out


Super Mario Odyssey switch bunch on preorder for Amazon prime members, got mine.


I stared at the Switch for a long time today and declined to pull the trigger. Someday but not today.


There’s a Layton iOS game? Wonder if it’s any good.


I bought Cuphead and played it a bit yesterday. Love the art style but Jesus fucking christ that game is insanely difficult.


I’ve been playing through it with my roommate. It’s probably my favorite side scroller since Super Meat Boy. Also just as hard if not more so.


I predicted an N64 Classic, which is definitely coming, but oh boy Nintendo is gonna pull a fast one. This would actually be worth buying.


In case you were not aware here is an entry from a series of videos in which someone reads cringe comments online about gaming in the style of an artistrocrat.



That definitely helps me know how to split the money on my purchases.



Well, apparently Injustice 2 is adding the Turtles as characters, which is weird.


It kind of makes sense with the ongoing Batman/TMNT crossover and Injustice being about universe hopping.



They’ll reach over 500K by the end of the day.


It was -500K an hour ago.

Of course, Reddit being Reddit, not only do they think that fake internet points mean anything to EA, a bunch of essentially random EA devs have been getting death threats, doxxed, and mass harassment. Most of them aren’t even people who worked on battlefront - because after all, it’s reddit, if you’re going to do something fucked up and horrible, you might as well do it to completely the wrong people, too.


And now that EA has lowered the cost to get the characters people were crying about, they’re going to think they can get whatever they want this way.


Well, let’s be honest, Reddit already thought that, partially because horrendous abuse has worked before, partially because reddit as a group is entitled as fuck and think it’s their due.


In-game purchases have now been completely removed from Battlefront II.