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That new/old Sonic is on Switch now. Someone else go get it first and tell me how it is.


I will take on anyone and everyone. My forum dominance will start on the ground level


I never thought I’d say this… but meh.

:tada:(monotone) yaaaaaay :tada:

I’m sad that I don’t care. I was thinking I was gonna try it but I’ll let someone else (Rym?) try it for me and lemme know if it’s the garbage it looks like.


Reviews are not encouraging so far: they seem to say what I feared.

I may buy it to confirm…


Rym: This is the ugliest game I’ve ever seen. Looking at it makes me sick.

Rym: Yes, the game is as ugly as I feared, and the gameplay seems ruined as well.

Still Rym: Reviews confirm my fears. The game is shit.

Also Rym: I shall buy it.



But you guys are reviewers, so buying shitty games give you something to bitch about :-p


And what is it you feared exactly?

Most reviews I’ve seen are positive on the game, it just doesn’t push the mechanics forward too much.


Also, Amazon seems to have updated recently with their 20% off policy for Prime. It used to be 20% off pre-orders, but would also usually extend for a week or two after launch. Within the last day or two this has become strictly pre-orders only. My problem with that (beyond not applying to digital) is that I often would use my Amazon Reward Points to buy games, but they can’t be applied to pre-orders. So that leaves me a bit high and dry on the discount policy.

EDIT: I am wrong (also Amazon’s documentation is wrong). You can use points to pre-order games. I tested with upcoming title.


I am buying a variety of Switch games to load myself up for a 17 day vacation. Lots of time on planes, trains, and relaxing on cruise ship.

So far tonight I snagged Sonic Mania and Has Been Heroes for myself. Overcooked and Flip Wars for some multiplayer with the fam.

I figure I’ve got room for 1 more game. What should it be?! I’m liking the idea of Puyo Puyo Tetris but it’s pricey at $40.


PPT is $30 digital and $40 physical. A bit backwards, but I wish more games were this way.


The game doesn’t address some of the things it should have (fix the occasionally broken spawns, (sometimes you spawn behind the person) allow the player some degree of control over when they spawn)

It also regresses in that they now offer asymmetric game-play (in the form of adding a rotating cast of weapons). They showed this off during their gameplay video which featured your weapon rotating every death.

These two things combined tells me that the developers don’t seem to understand what it is that makes their game the amazing thing it was and must have just stumbled upon one of the best real time, easy to learn hard to master orthogames around.

Those two things lead me to wonder what else they fucked up.

That and they made it like really really ugly.


Maybe I am wrong here because I don’t exactly follow the scene, but I noticed that the Fighting game has seen a bit of a renaissance in the last year or two with Tekken 7, Street Fighter V, Injustice 2, etc. Today I watched one of Moviebob’s Listicle videos about the best TMNT games and he raised quite a valid point during the entry for TMNT Tournament fighters: Why haven’t there been more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fighting games? There have been a ton of side-scrolling beat 'em ups, but almost no fighting games.

The franchise seems like it would be quite the great basis for a fighting game considering it is very tied to martial arts and has a ton of colorful and distinguishable characters. With a good developer behind it this could be quite a good project to build.


Maybe because TMNT isn’t that big or popular in Japan? I honestly have no idea, but a TMNT game by Capcom or Arc System Works would be pretty cool.


I guess there is Turtles: Smash Up from 2009 which I am not too familiar with but was called a Smash Bros. clone when released. Still not what I envision with something more toward Tekken or Street Fighter.


I forgot about Smash Up. Yeah I dunno, there hasn’t been a lot of franchised fighters in the last couple decades. I think it’s just too risky of a proposition. Fighting games don’t usually do well to begin with.

That being said I’m legit excited about FighterZ. I’ve wanted a good DB fighting game for a long time. Even though it came a long long time after my infatuation with DB. I remember being so excited for Budokai after playing a lot of the SNES games (never got around to playing Final Bout, but I heard it was… not good). But Budokai ended up being so much garbage I was extremely disappointed.


Super Dragon Ball Z on PS2 was okay but had the benefit of being designed by one of the designers from Street Fighter 2.


I feel that, even with their recent popularity, fighting games are quite niche genre and Turtles haven’t been big enough name lately to justify a fighting game. I do agree that Turtles could be a good property for a fighting game, but same could be said of billions of other things.


If there was a VR version maybe