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Giant Robot was just a prototype. HAMMER was definitely canceled (There’s a Youtuber who talks about canceled games who actually did a bit of investigative research into it, quite interesting).


It’s just Star Craft supporting new resolutions and with 4k textures.

I never buy remastered games, I’ve never understood the appeal of spending more money on a game which you already own or have played to completion.

The only good implementation of this thing is how Bethesda hides or adds the original iD games inside the newer releases. while also giving you an entirely new game.


I’ve bought same game multiple times, on different systems just for convenience, even without any remastering. I’m totally fine with paying again for a better version of a good game, and in case like this where I never got around playing the original, it’s even more valuable for me.


Having it on different systems is a fairly functional reason. Although I only usually ever buy for one platform.
Obviously if you haven’t played the original it makes sense to get the remastered.
The only bit I don’t personally agree with is handing out money to companies for the obvious money grab. I mean they could have developed a whole new single player campaign or StarCraft 3 or been original and made a new RTS game. Anyhow I’m obviously not the target demographic.



I can’t say I’m surprised, honestly, the only part of the company that was even making any significant amount of cash was Saitek, and they sold them off to Logitech late last year.


I think Rym would be the ultimate Beta Tester here. Warbits is coming out with more content. :smiley:


As much as I’d love to, there is no way they could pay even my discounted consulting rate. I don’t have time to do that kind of work for free no matter how much I love a game. -_-


Xbox Scorpio officially a VR super computer. If Microsoft allowed, Office/ Adobe / Autodesk software to run on it, holy shit.


Everyone catch Nintendo direct?


Free game? Free game.


So, hot on the heels of the switch, Nintendo just fired this one from deep out of left-field.


Actually looks slick. Will there be a 3DS version?


The 3DSXL has been out for years.


[quote=“Petimort, post:35, topic:449, full:true”]
The 3DSXL has been out for years.
[/quote]He’s either taking the piss, or in the unlikely event he’s serious, I think he meant the revised styling.


I meant ‘revised’ styling. I already have the ‘New’ 3DS.

I prefer the sleekness of this new 2DS, a shame that it lacks the stereoscopy.


So I listen to Penn’s Sunday school podcast and they ended their episode with something really interesting.

First they are making Desert Bus 2.0 that you can partake in VR he is talking about the mocap process how they are scanning a 1991 bus for the interior and soon to hold a contest to actually ride said bus to make the 8 hours trip to Vegas to see them perform live.

However the reason I bring this up is that they are asking for people to participate in the game. They want audio files that are boring, dull, border line NPR levels. So if you were driving said bus and we’re to turn on the radio, you could hear this and be bored out of your mind.

You can email these audio clips to . I think @VictorFrost and a few others can get some great content in there.


I feel like I need to crank one of these out.



Huh, human music, I like it.