Video Game News & Discussion 2.0


An update to my earlier post about Desert Bus 2.0 deadline is 5/14 for submissions.



Quite an ambitions project. I’m curious to see if they can deliver on all of those promises.


Dungeons 2 is free at Humble Bundle. If you liked any of the Dungeon Keeper series or War for the Overworld, it’s up your ally.


Really, I love both of those games, what is this? Oh my, it’s the real kind of free. Alright I’ll be grabbing this when I get out.


If y’all want to get into that weird, beautiful space game I keep talking about, Elite Dangerous, It’s $40 for the Game+Horizons expansion on Humble store right now, and $20 even for either the base game, or the Horizons expansion if you already have the base game. Seriously, it’s star citizen for people who like games that actually get released at some point, come fly the stars with me.

One of my ships.

A random shot looking up through my canopy at an industrial station.


Stardew Valley is going to have some competition from actually harvest moon now:


I heard that Story of Seasons is the real deal now. Here is the info.


Harvest moon is not harvest moon anymore, if you want that go with story of seasons. Harvest moon is more of a linear title that is cool for those who like an endgame.

Tldr: Scott beat me to it.


I’d say something about “just bring me more Rune Factory”, but I still have half or more of Rune Factory 4 left unplayed, so my farming simulator needs are filled for now.


I also have not beaten Rune Factory 4, and will not buy any other games in that genre until I beat it.



You should put some quotes around competition.


I just finished out the last ending of Nier: Automata. It’s a really good game. Scott would hate it because it’s one of those games where the strongest pieces are the writing and to get the most out of it you wind up replaying some bits a few times, so parts of the combat can get repetitive over time.
But the payoff is pretty fantastic as far as video game plot payoffs go, and I recommend it for everyone who isn’t Scott.




Valve new game, ‘Artifact’.


It’s a card game. They are aiming for Hearthstone.

The war of Blizzard vs. Valve rages on. No matter who wins, gamers win!



It’s out.