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This would be cool for minor things, like if I wanted to play Civ VI in between tickets at work, but I dunno. Then again, much like Jersey Girl, I just don’t think this is FOR me.


Tom Waits or Bruce Springsteen?


Kevin Smith. It’s a reference to this penny arcade:


Dwarf Fortress is coming to Steam




So the idea is that you are watching YouTube and you see a cool game. Then you click a link and some cloud computer runs the game and streams it to your browser and you start playing immediately.



The idea is the future we’ve all known someone was gonna try at some point.

How are they gonna get some of these games running on linux? The only like… good solution I know of is a GPU passthrough and that still leaves your games running in sandboxed windows.


It’s going to be hard to imaging what Sony and MS will be able to do in light of this.


I feel that best thing Sony could give would be Playstation 5. Kinda like Playstation 4, but with bigger number. Also they could be a little less dicks about cross platform play.

Also I could dream for whatever physical media it uses to be such that it can fit all of most games instead of having tiny bit and download the rest in them. But I don’t have any hopes up for that.


Im starting to get existential terror that i no longer understand the gaming market because i find it hard to believe Google thinks this is a good idea. Like, we are still in preorder hell where any AAA is hyped for a solid year. Who the fuck learns about a game’s existence by watching streams for it? This just sounds completely backwards.



Supringly I have found gamea via streamers in the last,they key being that the streamer plays a variety of games. As of late this is getting to be more of a hassle since twitch is pushing you to play the hot games via bounties. If you want a great example of how to do this look up awesome video games.


The irony in that statement is that video games already run on FreeBSD (it’s the basis of the PS4’s OS). :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, realistically Sony probably chose FreeBSD because they could hack it up with whatever proprietary stuff they wanted for the PS4 without having to make it public and provide a solid base OS that people would be somewhat familiar with programming for, at least at the API level.


This looks fucking terrible.


Yep. It’s not a bad idea, but a bad implementation. The way it is now, it’s basically entirely impossible for 3/4ths of the world to use it, which limits your market severely, and even in those markets, your consumer base is limited - things like 20gb an hour bandwidth usage puts it out of reach for a lot of people in those markets, for example, having a service where you don’t need to buy a powerful PC, console, or other device doesn’t matter shit if those people also can’t afford to buy a pretty beefy connection, and also has no actual or “good faith”(ie, unlimited if you don’t go overboard) download limits.

I can definitely see a service like this being incredibly viable in the future - but I’m not sure how they have a path to success here.


One thing I’m curious about is if they might be trying to force an upgrade of internet. Like, the reason this sucks for certain demographics bus because the internet they’re forced to contend with. Specifically data caps. Microsoft buckled immediately under this. But I’d thought if they got enough people to make a stink about it they’d turn the tides. Remote access internet is a different story.


Stadia could end in one of two ways: 1) Forces ISPs to upgrade their networks including a 5G rollout. 2) Modern video gaming becomes the exclusive purview of the super rich, with the rest of the 99.9% peasantry entertain themselves with games like Food Rioting and Purges.