Video Game Hype Thread

I don’t mind the automatic rifles, I just want a single player FPS of Marathon like the originals were.


I know that Marathon did have single player, but I’ve only ever known it as the multiplayer fps people with Macs played because they couldn’t play Quake.

At summer camp we had Macs borrowed from the local public schools. We had Marathon LAN parties, and that was my only Marathon experience.

There is definitely an audience of people who like single player FPS, or at least PvE FPS, that are currently very under-served by the AAA game publishers. Look no further than Half-Life 3 never coming out and just recently Overwatch 2 not doing what they had publicly announced they would do. All the single player FPS I’m seeing these day are from smaller studios.

The reason is simple, though. Developing a big FPS is expensive. A single player campaign is even more expensive. Suddenly you need to spend money on writers and all sorts of other things that you don’t need to spend on with a multiplayer game.

Maps are a big part of that cost. The map of Half-Life 2 single player has got to be larger than all the official Counter-Strike maps combined. The cost to make those, compared to the return on that investment is not great. Think about something like dust2. One self-contained map that gets played over and over and over…

And in terms of revenues, single player games bring in money just one time. Then a long long tiny tail. And then all the devs get let go. With a multiplayer game, they have a lot of more or less evil choices for monetization schemes. But any one of those that they pick will result in perpetual revenues. Revenues that are bigger, sustainable, and keep themselves employed.

I too, enjoy a high quality single player FPS. But I’m not about to get my hopes up for any big budget ones any time soon. Nobody is going to do that in this economy.

I get all that, and those are all valid points.

Bungee/Sony can make whatever game they want. But if there isn’t a single player component to it, I’m not interested and I won’t be getting it, which is a shame because from an aesthetics standpoint, it looks very cool.


I never beat Quake 1 and I barely played past the first 2-3 levels of Quake 2. I was there for the multiplayer and the multiplayer only from day one.

Speaking of FPS games with a strong single player narrative, I never played the original System Shock, or the even-more-praised System Shock II, but I’m super excited about this remake, and hopefully, if it does well enough, they can remake SSII as well!


While a SS2 remake would be nice, the game is completely playable in the current state for sale on steam and GOG. Its far enough along on the fps/0451 genres that its still easy to parse and to control without feeling like you are lost in space and time.

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Just be aware all newbs. This is a game that gives you almost no resources. If you can get it done with the wrench, use the wrench. Save your ammo.

The team behind Night in the Woods has a new game coming out soon.

Phantom Liberty at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023

Just the trailer

There will be a Game Dev Breakdown of the trailer at 10am today

Based on some of the articles I’ve read where Journalists got a sneak peak at some of the gameplay it looks like a lot of changes were made:

Do you remember Zane_14_rocks from hyptnospace outlaw? He made a game…

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So someone finally found the intersection of pro wrestling and Japanese RPGs…

I’ve seen this game in PAX Expo hall for what seems like a few years. I guess it just won’t actually be released until this week.

Today at 11am Eastern Paradox Interactive will tease their next big project and everything they’ve teased of the tease (Images and coy tweets) points to a Civilization competitor. After Humankind’s rather disappointing gameplay (but stellar presentation) I would love for someone like Paradox to truly bring a serious competitor to market.

Video below is the live premier event on youtube.

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Yes it is a Civ competitor:

Steam page is up

Main features look to be creating unique civs through trait selection (Like Age of Wonder 4) but interestingly each age has goals and if you win an age you can choose what the next age will be (with some alternate/sci-fi ages sprinkled into different eras)

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Nintendo hasn’t been doing much with the F-Zero IP for the last 20 years (sure, there’s F-Zero 99 for the Switch, but it’s really just multiplayer of the original SNES game), so an indie developer made his own F-Zero GX clone, and the results are really impressive for just the demo!

A YouTuber named kukukachu brought this game to my attention with his recent video, who goes deep into the mechanics of this demo. (Also, four new tracks were added since this video’s release.)

I must have seen this before because it’s already on my wishlist.