Video Game Hype Thread

Download the free demo before Nintendo takes it down.

This was a submission for GMTK’s first game jam, and it’s been expanded in the years since then into a full game.

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A game where you’re an early modern manuscript scribe and illuminator told via those same tools, this was made for me.


Very good game that was an EU exclusive if you like the SNES action RPGs give it a go.

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@Apreche Chasm update: I played for an hour and a half, didn’t think it was anything special.

That’s a shame. You would think someone spending six years of their life on something would at least have something special.

I really felt the procedurally-generatedness of it. What’s the line? “Never exactly the same, never very different”? Can’t find the source now. It’s hard to super polish procedural levels I suppose.

Tunic blows it away in my estimation.