Video Game Hype Thread

Very good game that was an EU exclusive if you like the SNES action RPGs give it a go.

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@Apreche Chasm update: I played for an hour and a half, didn’t think it was anything special.

That’s a shame. You would think someone spending six years of their life on something would at least have something special.

I really felt the procedurally-generatedness of it. What’s the line? “Never exactly the same, never very different”? Can’t find the source now. It’s hard to super polish procedural levels I suppose.

Tunic blows it away in my estimation.

This looks like an April Fool joke posted early, but it’s actually a real game.


A Critical Role-based RPG that is also a musical.

From Dragon Age writer David Gaider and Summerfall Studios comes the release of Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, which is what it exactly says on the tin, a musical RPG inspired by Greek mythology.

The video game will come out on August 3 via Steam and PC with a voice cast comprising of Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Laura Bailey (who will also serve as voice director), Merle Dandridge, Felicia Day, Khary Payton, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Erika Ishii, Anthony Rapp, Rahul Kohli and more.

The music will be done by Journey composer Austin Wintory, Australian comedy music trio Tripod and Montaigne.

Alexis de Tocqueville & Georges Clemenceau as pre-order bonus characters has me rushing to add this to cart.

Can’t wait for Jedi Survivor to come out friday. The first game was such a nice mix of metroidvania, dark souls, and the Kyle Katarn Jedi Knight games. All of the previews and reviews have it looking really good and a solid improvement in many ways over the first game.

I’m seeing all kinds of hype for this game, but I still can’t even tell what type of game it even is.

Basically the similar style of Dark Souls, which is the biggest comparison, with the slowly expanding map, reasonably difficult enemies, and precise melee focused gameplay, combined with some Metroidvania style “Come back with a powerup to get a whole new area” sorta biz, with a little tomb raider style acrobatic exploration/puzzles, and then layer star wars over the top of that as your set dressing.

Though unlike Dark Souls, it’s not a dour, joyless experience(though being star wars, it does technically also have an incredibly toxic fanbase, even if it only aspires to the level of Fromsoft games on that), unlike a metroidvania it gives you plenty of ways to shortcut the backtracking and mostly get to where you need to go easily, unlike Tomb Raider you have a lot more options for those big puzzles than “Jump” or “Shoot”, and unlike Star Wars, weird hate nerds don’t try to blame this one on Kathleen Kennedy.

The first was really good - Tight controls and combat, well told story, some interesting use of the star wars universe, just generally a well-made product all around. I don’t know if you’d enjoy it - I don’t recall much of what you’ve had to say about that style of game, I’m sorry - but I certainly had a good time with it. You definitely do get to do some cool star wars shit in it.

Though also in the first one - looks like it won’t be an issue in the second - you’d probably immediately notice that nobody ever gets the old classic star wars dismemberment via lightsaber, they just kinda get glowing lines on their armor/skin - but looks like that’s sorted for the second outing.


Totally agree with everything Churba said. it takes very specific things from each of those genres and elevates them becoming more than a sum of its parts.

Also, as a quick note I’d like to shout out that I forgot - Every voice actor in that game is giving 150%, all the time. Not to say they’re over-acting or chewing the scenery, but they’re definitely not leaving anything on the table, some great performances in there.

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Cyan has a new game coming out in two weeks, and WOW! This song is beautiful!


Was extremely confused when I heard a VNV Nation song thinking I’d had another tab open playing music. I highly recommend the album (Noire) and their last few albums you like that kind of thing.

Neat trailer, I really need to go back and finish Obduction personally, this looks like a way bigger game!

The game releases June 1.

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My favorite trailers from the Playstation Showcase that just happened. Very excited for all these games (For PC).

And here’s the full presentation for anyone interested

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I have no interest in Marathon as a looter-shooter, but boy-howdy was that a cool trailer!

As someone who loved Journey, and played through it multiple times, I’m super excited about Sword of the Sea, which looks like a spiritual sequel:


The Marathon trailer started cool, but I do quickly lose interest when trailers like this reveal it’s just another looty shoots game. I mean, it looked like great fun until the protagonist is headshot out of nowhere by a sniper across the map.

Can’t there be a game with such cool world building and art design and science fiction tech where the problems aren’t solved by automatic rifles?

(I say that as someone with 2,500 hours of PUBG playtime)