Video Game Hype Thread

Bloodstained is soon. I just finished a New Game +1 of The Messenger, and new dlc is coming in July.

I’m not sure what I should play next. Thinking more piecewise Baba and finally crack open Doom.

Evil Genius 2 is an actual thing. This is an insta-buy for me.

Looks like a cross between The Incredibles and a TF2 mod.
Me want now.

Turns out the Switch delay was for the better. It turns out there is a game breaking bug, after the latest update for anyone that started the game before 18th.

Now that I’m playing Slay the Spire more thanks to it being on the Switch, I’m actually going after the fourth act. I haven’t beaten it yet, but I’ve gotten close.

Desert Bus VR

The real prank will be convincing my friends to “trick” me into reading Moby Dick because that is legitimately one of my favorite books of all time

Holy crap! A spiritual successor to ActRaiser!


September on Switch was already stacked and that goes on the list, definitely.

Since it isn’t on the website (as far as I can tell)…


For those of you who wondered “hey what Harvest Moon game I should play” its Friends and More Friends of Mineral Town.

They are remaking the game outside of Natsume’s publishing arm. My inner child is bouncing off the walls of this news.

I didn’t beat the main game, but I got very far in it. I would go back to it if there weren’t so many other hot games going on right now.


How far did you get?

I’m playing Picnic Panic now while working on the extra Baba levels.

I got to some demon boss, but didn’t beat him.

There’s a cool twist roughly halfway through that you haven’t gotten to yet.

I did encounter a twist. This is the boss I stopped at:

I’m trying to remember when that happens. After the 16-bit transition, clearly. Is it still linear or is it metroidvania?

It’s been many months. I forget.

If you liked delivering messages, you’re going to like going to picnics.