Video Game Hype Thread


Devolver digital is publishing a remaster of a mech game with the best/worst voice acting. Here is a review if the origional game from last year.


It’s on Steam, you can buy it.

I heard lots of buzz before it was released, but then it somehow lost buzz after release. I never played it, and haven’t heard from anyone who has.


Answering the original question:

A newer version of Evil Genius, preferably something where you can make a 3-D Volcano Base/Lair.

A Space Colonization game where you colonize a whole Solar System of planets and space stations, then create an economy around it. At the same time maybe have a quest-like story line running through the game.

Any kind of large scale sci-fi military RTS that has smarter AI. One reason I hated older RTS was because AI would get shot at several times before responding, also all tactics usually devolved into X Rush.


War Groove looks to be the answer your looking for. It’s more sword and arrow units as opposed to guns and tanks but if the footage out is anything to go off of it looks almost exactly the same.


Why have I never heard of Evil Genius until your post??!!! That game looks/sounds awesome! I love the idea of building a 3-D volcano base and trying to do evil things. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before! I remember back when I was in elementary/middle school, I used to doodle secret bases and lairs all the time and they ALL had secret entrances in volcanoes.

As to your space colonization game, Endless Space 2 seems closest to what you’re looking for, but obviously isn’t an exact match. I think we’ve discussed the various merits of Endless Space and Stellaris before. I like both games, but they scratch different itches for me.

I don’t think I’ve played a straight up “classic” RTS since Starcraft 2, so I have no idea the state of enemy AI in those types of games, but a game with some actually devious and good AI is always welcome.


I forget what the criticism was but if I recall the AI was really stupid in situations that made the game fairly easy to exploit.


Sins of a Solar Empire might be what you’re looking for!


Squeals required - Dungeon Keeper would be lovely but perhaps with some innovation allowing multilevel lairs.

There is a spiritual squeal made called War for the Overworld, which is basically dungeon keeper updated with modern graphics and a few iterative and qol upgrades.

Unfortunately that’s not what I wanted in the game. I wanted the interface and graphics of Dungeon Keeper with the depth and complexity of Dwarf Fortress. Or ya know, as close as is reasonable.

So, it’s kinda like the one wish situation for me. I got exactly what I asked for, but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted.


I would like a really good remake or sequel of Sim Tower but in 3D. One let’s you sort of, you know, have cool looking buildings.


In my professional opinion they’re all far short of even the early AW games.

Not even close. Fire Emblem has stateful leveling, permanent unit death, zero area/zone control, minimal tactics, simplistic strategy, etc… They’re not even superficially similar in terms of gameplay. I wouldn’t even put FE and AW in the same genre.

The real deal with Advance Wars, and the reason there is no credible successor, is the sheer scale of the labor necessary to make the campaign as tight as it is in each game. I read some interviews where it was implied that the team spent more time designing individual maps than they did on all core development combined.


for the lols


On the subject of advance wars being a fine tuned machine, Battletech could really use that. One of the most distinct things from Mechwarrior 2 and on was interesting missions that let different strategies shine. This games really lacking that.

Also I’ve been dicking around with Roguetech and I mean… I do want a sandbox and more toys to play with, but this feels like a totally raw untested kitchen sink approach that isn’t really properly “more fun.” It’s extending the game a little bit for me, but not a lot.


More variety in missions would be cool for sure. The campaign has some interesting things (though it certainly has problems) that I would love to see be standard.

Adding vehicles and elementals to lance options, or increasing the scale to allow multiple lances, would increase strategic depth for sure.

I’m on the last handful of campaign missions, and I’ve noticed that there’s a breaking point at which strategy stops mattering. My standard deployment now is 3 Orions and the Highlander, and I pretty much just roll shit. Strategy consists of reserving until they’re closeish, Precision Strike the center torso, and rolling through like a 'mech every round.

The progression built into the campaign shows the strategic limits of Battletech - it’s really at its best when you have to make harder choices with less outrageous firepower. Once you’re at a 310+ ton lance, you can sort of just brute force everything out of existence.

I’d like to see the game have you stay in your starting medium lance, but have to conquer different challenges.


We gotta just do some multiplayer and see what happens.


I’m all about it, in theory. Life keeps getting in the way, but I’ve got some custom lances ready to fuck you up boyo.


Between this and the newly announced Fire Emblem, I may finally have to get a switch:


I’m so excited for every ounce of hype this title gets, it’s so up my alley it hurts.


Pokemon Snap VR


Turns out the game is really Cyberpunk


Ooh, I thought of one for this:

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

It’s bannock all the way down.